Side Button Not Working on iPhone 12, Delay, Not Responding: Here’s Fix

🗓️ September 20, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Why is my iPhone 12 Side Button not working? The side button is really important to use an iPhone that has no home button. You know some important alternate side button shortcut that we can use without a side button. Your Side button is broken or not responding properly then try this guide for temporary use of your iPhone 12 until you repair it on the app store or other third-Party repairer services. Get helpful tips and update on my iPhone side button isn’t working.

Below are some of the alternate side button that I want to share with u, have you any or finding any other side button functions on iPhone 12 then comment on this article.

Side Button not working on iPhone X get fixed

Guide: Side button broken and Not working on iPhone 12

Solution #1. Check for the latest Update

Some functionality and iOS bug fix and improvements cover in the iOS update, Check it first. Go to the Settings App on iPhone > General > Software Update. Recently iPhone 12 users are facing iPhone not responding because of a bug in the software.

Solution 2. Remove uncomfortable or Bad Quality Cases

Don’t use accessories that damage the internal part of the iPhone or creating other serious issues. Remove third-party case that covers your button, some waterproof cases also creating the issue of side button access. We recommending some quality cases for iPhone 12.

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Solution #3. Check iPhone Warranty and Get help from Apple

Know your iPhone warranty is in under coverage. Check apple warranty status online and book an appointment, Request for repair at the nearest store or Genius bar.

Side Button is Broken: Use this Ways for Side Button Functions

Hay Siri without Side Button: Enable Hay Siri from settings, And Say, Hey Siri, when your iPhone is locked or unlocked.

Go to the Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for “Hey Siri”.

Turn off or Shut Down iPhone 12 without Side Button: Go to the Settings app on iPhone > General > Shut Down.

Use Accessibility without Side Buttons: Accessibility now in the control center, Add Accessibility shortcut in Control Center.

Wake up Screen: Tap to Wake now is on iPhone 12. To unlock the screen “Swipe up to Open.”

Snooze an Alarm: Unlock screen, Tap on Snooze option from iPhone screen.

Disable Face ID: Turn Off Face ID, Go to the Settings app > Face ID & Passcode > Disable Face ID on iPhone 12 (Unlock iPhone, App Store, and Apple pay)

Fix: Fix ace ID not working on iPhone

Take a Screenshot: use Assistive touch to take a screenshot. Or Customize Assistive Touch.

Fix: How to take a Screen Shot on iPhone [Get More tips on alternate ways]

Buy App Without Face ID: Use Passcode instead of Face ID, as an alternate option you can validate using Passcode. Or Disable Face ID for App Store: Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Disable for App Store.

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Above all are the troubleshooting tips and guidance on what to do if my iPhone side button won’t work or not responding.

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