Step to Disable/ hide WhatsApp profile picture in iPhone: iOS

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For your privacy you can Disable/ hide WhatsApp profile picture from your Account on iPhone, iPad. This is best way to make hidden from unknown on WhatsApp.

We know that WhatsApp is growing up as major chatting App. So in very use full WhatsApp privacy setting, we must do, and then we don’t know like, Hide last seen time from your profile. And one extra is hidden WhatsApp profile picture from your iPhone, iPad. For that, go through the below in below. Most of the people don’t try to set WhatsApp profile photo, it’s hence that text flooding, unknown request (in this case you can block that number for your WhatsApp account). are you android, iOS, Blackberry users then this common feature available in all WhatsApp app.

Don’t ignore it, Make your profile secure as of your privacy you want.


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Before set privacy please verify you have turned mobile internet or Wi-Fi.

Steps to hide WhatsApp Profile picture in iPhone, iPad Cellular

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp from iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Hit on  WhatsApp Setting appear lower-right side tab.

Step 3: Tap on Account option.

Step 4: Now, under the account option tap on Privacy.

Step 5: Under the privacy option Tap on Profile photo.Screen for hide WhatsApp profile picture in iPhone running iOS

By default, this option set on everyone means publicly anyone can see your full profile with photo, But here you can hide for unknown or friends as well your wish.

Choose Nobody, this setting hide you WhatsApp Dp for all contacts.

Everyone: Visible anyone who want to find by saving your number in the contact list.

My Contacts: Only for those people who already added/ Allow in your account own self.

Nobody: No one can see profile photo without youPrivacy options for WhatsApp profile picture security

After that you can verify from another iPhone, iPad (iOS device or other OS devices): removed/ hide WhatsApp profile picture successfully.

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If you don’t succeed with above tips on hiding WhatsApp profile picture in iPhone, iPad then text in the comment box.

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