How to Enable or Disable Cellular Data Roaming on iPhone 15 (Any iPhone)

This post will help you to save your pocket money cause you will get how to turn off data roaming on iPhone, Cellular iPads. Hopefully, tip let you for reducing the data service bill. There are many Carriers across the world, and they offer international voice and data plans. So first of all always contact your carriers to gain details about international– roaming countries, SIMs, rates, and policies before you travel abroad. If you don’t have an international plan and wish to use the data plan on your iPhone, iPad then your carrier may charge higher fees and additional data rates.

Moreover, for the iPhone, iPad data roaming is an option while you’re traveling abroad and you wish to access information services at that time you need turn on data roaming service at going your iPhone settings. But Keep in mind data roaming charges is to be always higher than in your own country. So indeed you want like to stop unwanted data roaming costs. Just disable the data roaming option from iPhone/iPad settings.

Even you’ve no idea to turn off data roaming on the iPhone, iPad? Don’t worry. I explained the steps at the bottom for you to disable/ turn off data roaming on iPhone, iPad after arriving inside your network geographical coverage.

Guide on how to Turn off data Roaming on iPhone

What is Roaming on iPhone?

When you’re out of a certain region or state or country, the Data Roaming on iPhone must be turned on in order to use the Cellular Services. When Data Roaming on iPhone is turned on, your device will search for nearby available towers to offer you the best cellular services wherever you go. In short with the help of Data Roaming your iPhone automatically connects with the towers that aren’t of your current carrier’s.

Aside from Data Roaming, you must know what is Voice Roaming. Basically, when Voice Roaming is off, it will avoid substantial charges that Carrier might charge when you’re out of the Country and traveling internationally. I guess you got a bonus answer on how to avoid roaming charges on iPhone when traveling abroad.

Roaming Symbol on iPhone?

Immediately after crossing the International Border, the iPhone will ask you to turn on the Data Roaming in order to use the cellular service. However, you’ll be seeing the local carrier of the country where you’re rather than the original carrier. Keep in mind that using the internet, making phone calls and texting could empty your pockets if the iPhone is on Data Roaming.

What is the Difference Between Data Roaming and Mobile Data?

There is no point in comparing the Data Roaming and Mobile Data because both are different terms, and of course, functions quite distinctive. The Data Roaming connects the device to the local tower if you’re traveling abroad, which also means that when Data Roaming is enabled you can use the Internet but they will charge higher than usual. Furthermore, when Mobile Data is turned on you can use the internet and when it’s off, you can’t.

Should Data Roaming be Turned Off on iPhone?

It depends where you’re. Data Roaming is helpful when you’re traveling internationally, and if you can’t turn on Data Roaming, the iPhone cellular services won’t be serving you. At the same time, always keep note that the Data Roaming charges are way higher than normal charges. Even though if you’re in another country but don’t need the iPhone then it’s better to disable the Data Roaming.

How to Turn ON Data Roaming on iPhone

Do you need data service at overseas on your iPhone? You need turn on data roaming on your Apple Phone. Follow the steps below to activate data roaming on your Phone. Keep in mind that data price is high compared to local rate.

  • Step 1. Open up the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Step 2. Navigate Cellular or Mobile data
  • Step 3. Tap Cellular Data Options
  • Step 4. Now turn the toggle to the right side to turn on Data Roaming.

That’s it.

If you don’t have an international data roaming plan, then you should turn off cellular data and Data Roaming to avoid roaming charges.

Here’s how to switch off data roaming,

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Cellular or Mobile Data
  3. Tap Cellular Data Options (if the Data roaming option not showing, please turn on the cellular data toggle ON/green)
  4. Now Turn the toggle left side to turn Off Data Roaming.

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Should I Turn Off Voice Roaming on iPhone?

Voice Roaming and Data Roaming are carrier oriented features, if your carrier supports or have enabled it, you’ll see it in the Settings app. Here Apple system doesn’t play any major role. Voice Roaming is for voice calls, and by roaming I assume you already know what this term means. In the Cellular Data Roaming options look for Voice Roaming and if it doesn’t exist directly contact Carrier Support for help. That would resolve your question on how to turn off roaming calls on iPhone.

Can I Still Receive Calls with Data Roaming Off?

Yes, Data Roaming doesn’t affect the Calls and Text Messages, you can still make and Receive Calls and Text Messages with or without Data Roaming. However, Data Roaming is useful when you want to use the Internet in International Regions.

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Why is my iPhone Roaming at Home?

Technically, it shouldn’t be happening, but if your iPhone Roaming at Home, then make sure to double-check the Roaming Settings on iPhone and is more of how to prevent international roaming charges on the iPhone. Moreover, after disabling the Data Roaming on iPhone, still, it doesn’t make any changes, immediately contact the Carrier and ask them to fix it, otherwise, the bill won’t come as expected in the end.

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If you don’t want to use Cellular data, turn it off.

Let know how much useful this way, please share your feeling with us and give info about turn off data roaming on the iPhone and iPad.

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