How to Type Upside Down Exclamation Point on Mac, iPhone

On Mac, on other iOS devices [iPhone & iPad], it’s super easy to type upside down exclamation point (inverted exclamation marks) using the English or Spanish keyboard. here are the easy steps to type and use in conversation, email, messages and chat without any third-party keyboard or Extension.

Here are the Keyboard Shortcut Keys for an inverted exclamation point on Mac and iPhone, iPad, and Android. this Spanish punctuation point is most widely used after inverted questions mark in international language typing.

How to Type upside down exclamation point on Mac

Using English Keyboard

On your Mac keyboard use Option + 1 from the keyboard to type Inverter Exclamation mark or Upside down Exclamation Point mark on Mac while typing from the English layout or English language.

  • To type Inverted or Upside-down exclamation marks we have to use “Option+ 1“.type-upside-down-question-mark-on-mac-or-inverted-exclamation-point-on-mac
  • To type regular exclamation marks, we have to use “Shift + 1“.
  • Bonus Tips: Type ¡ using Windows 11, 10, Press “Shift + 1

Using Spanish Keyboard

That’s just an easy method to type Upside Down Exclamation Point. if you don’t like to use Shortcut because it’s hard to remember all time to use different Spanish symbols. then I recommend installing a Spanish keyboard on Mac and using its virtual keyboard from the top Mac menu. as given the below steps,

From top Menu, Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Source > Click on “+” to add a New Language > Select Spanish > Add.

also select the option “Show input menu in menu bar”.

once you add the new Spanish keyboard to your Mac, you have an option to switch typing language from the top mac menu.

Use the Below keyboard shortcut to Type Upside-down exclamation points using the Apple English keyboard after selecting Input as the Spanish keyboard.

Spanish keyboard shortcut on Mac Keyboard: “+


How to type inverted Exclamation mark on iPhone & iPad

just like the mac apple keyboard, we can use and type Upside exclamation point from iOS keyboard. follow the below steps.

Switch to the Numeric keyboard on your iPhone, or iPad keyboard by typing 123 key, Now Touch and Hold on the Exclamation key to opt-out,


Tap on Upside Down Exclamation symbol on iPhone or iPad.


That’s it. In the same way find more tricks to type Upside-down question mark on Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android.

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