Where are Screen savers Stored on Mac? Here’s Answer

For whatever reason, macOS has made finding the Default Screen Saver Locations on Mac OS unnecessarily complicated. Whether you want to save your gigabytes of space or are willing to create a backup of your screen saver before factory resetting your Mac or whatever the reasons are. In this article, we’ll show how you can find and access all your stored Screen savers in all versions of Apple macOS, including the latest macOS Sonoma.

The Default Screen Saver Locations on Mac OS

There is only a single method to access the screensaver on the Mac (.saver). We have covered it in the below article.

What is a Screen saver on Mac?

The Screensavers are animated images that feature on a Mac computer after a certain amount of inactivity. Depending upon what you’re willing to set up, it can be an image of the custom clock or even a simple digital clock.

How to Access Stored macOS Screen Savers

The location of the screensaver isn’t readily apparent. They’re deep inside a folder in the library, and the archive uses a .saver file extension. Since you may want to back up a stored screensaver or copy it to another computer, here’s how to find and access all your screensaver stored. These instructions apply to macOS Ventura and later versions.

1→ Open the Finder window or click on the desktop on your Mac.

2→ Select Go from the menu bar.

3→ Click on Go To Folder… or press Control + Command + G.

Go to Folder to Open Screensaver Folder on Mac
Go to Folder to Open Screensaver Folder on Mac

4→ Type /System/Library/Screen Savers/ and click on it or Press Return from Keybosrd to open it.

Enter Screensaver folder path on Mac
Enter the Screensaver folder path on Mac

5→ Now open and explore this Screensaver folder to discover and copy the Screensaver.

Find All Stored Screensaver on Mac finder
Find All Stored Screensaver on Mac finder

Final Thought!

This is how you can access all your screensaver on your Mac. Also, don’t forget to read our article on how to set a slow-motion screensaver as wallpaper on Mac.

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