[Updated] Battery Widget Missing on iPhone/iPad After iOS 14/13.6 Update: Apple Pencil, Airpods, Apple Watch, iPhone

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I have seen many iPhone users are complaining about the battery widget not showing on iPhone, battery widget not showing on Airpods, battery widget not working, and more. When I updated my iPhone X a few days, it worked well, and all of sudden the same problem caught my iPhone too. It is very simple to fix the battery widget not showing on iPhone/iPad. Sometimes it is resolved by a simple restart, and sometimes you have to perform a few steps. This is the most helpful tricks for New iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max buyers, and After Upgrade to latest iOS, After Reset Settings or Restore iOS/iPadOS.

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Let’s get straight towards the solution and hope your iPhone’s battery widget works properly.

What is the Exact Problem? and How to Fix right now!

After Restore, Reset All Settings, Setup New iPhone Naver shows the Battery Widget under the Widgets’ panel. You must connect At least one bluetooth device to activate bluetooth to activate bluetooth widget. check my video tutorial in [solution 1], that I prepared for the user who is unable to find the Battery widget under the Inactive Widget list or Active widget list.

A device should be turned on to get updated Battery percentage or missing then check it first.

Follow and Fix: Battery Widget Missing on iPhone/iPad

Step #1: Activate Bluetooth Widget

For the New iPhone or iPad user Battery Widget not will show under Widget panel. To Activate This Widget your iPhone/iPad must be connected with one Bluetooth accessory that might be Apple Pencil, Airpods, Headphone, Bluetooth Speaker, or Apple Watch. [Not Required in iOS 14 Update] Go pair and check it, follow the below steps. (Battery Widget will be removed after reset all settings, Factory Reset, upgrade to new iOS/iPadOS in sometimes)

None bluetooth device users can show battery percentage like this: Swipe control center from top-right edge of iPhone screen and here’s iPhone, iPad’s Battery percentage only.

  1. Launch the Settings app > Tap Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth Settings on iPhone
    Bluetooth Settings on iPhone
  2. Keep Bluetooth device turn on and near to find here in the bluetooth device list.
  3. Tap on Bluetooth device name. Wair for few seconds, Once it Connected.
    Keep your Bluetooth Device connected [First Time]
    Keep your Bluetooth Device connected [First Time]
  4. And Go back and check the iPhone/iPad Widget panel in edit mode. Battery widget is inactive, tap on plus sign to make it active, and show under the Widgets’ panel of iPhone/iPad.

Before getting started following steps, Try to pair your Bluetooth device to your iPhone. Then after try to check its battery percentage in batteries widget.

Turn your bluetooth device and put it into pairing mode, after that, turn iPhone or iPad Bluetooth toggle turn on to connect desire device such as Apple Pencil, Bluetooth Keybaord, Airpods, Bluetooth headphone, etc.

Now time to check the widgets list and find batteries widget. hope is located.

Step #2: Add Battery Widget on iPhone, iPad

iOS 14 Or Later iOS users

We have different customization settings for add Battery widget on iPhone Today widget or Home screen with different layout of Battery Widget,

To Add on the Home screen,

  1. Touch and Hold on Black space of your iPhone screen, Now your iPhone will move into Edit mode.

    Edit iPhone home screen and Add a new widget option on iPhone screen in iOS 14 or later iOS Version
    Edit iPhone home screen and Add a new widget option on iPhone screen in iOS 14 or later iOS Version
  2. Now, Tap on Plus icon at the top right corner of the Screen, Browse the Battery widget from the list. Also, Select the Different Battery widget style and Size. Finally, Tap on Add Widgets Option.

    Find Battery Widget on iPhone home screen and Add Widget
    Find Battery Widget on iPhone home screen and Add Widget
  3. And See the Battery widget is added on Home screen, Tap on Done to save changes.

    Battery Widget Added to iphone home screen
    Battery Widget Added to iphone home screen
  4. That’s it.

To Add in Today Widget Screen,

  1. Swipe your Finger on iPhone home screen to left, from the first home screen. See the Today widget screen, Last option on the Edit button tap on it.
  2. Now, At Top left corner of the iPhone screen, Tap on Plus icon and select the Battery option.

    Add Battery Widget on iPhone today widget Screen
    Add Battery Widget on iPhone today widget Screen
  3. Select Yours from the Different Battery widget style and size, Widget will be added in today’s widget screen. Tap on Done,

    Add Battery widget and Save
    Add Battery widget and Save
  4. That’s it.

Let’s get How to add Battery Widget in iOS 12/iOS 13/iPadOS or Earlier.

  • Step #1: Swipe all the way from left to right on Home Screen. That means Widget screen is the first home screen.
  • Step #2: When you see the Lock screen or unlocked screen, scroll down and tap “Edit”.
  • Step #3: Locate “Batteries” and tap on the red (+) mark to Add in Active Widget list.
  • Step #4: Tap “Done” on the top-right screen of the iPhone.

1 Battery Percentage not Showing on iPhone

  • If you haven’t added the battery widget, then from the same screen tap on (+) near to the battery widget below “MORE WIDGETS” and add it. Again tap “Done”.
  • So this was our prior step to fix the battery widget not working on iPhone iOS 12. Now we will re-enable the battery widget by following the same steps 1 and 2. After steps 1 and two proceed with the next guide.
  • Step #5: Tap on (+) on the batteries widget and on the same option you will see a strip through which you can rearrange the battery widget by dragging and dropping.

2 Enable Battery Widget on iPhone

  • Step 6: Tap “Done”.

One most important thing is you must disable “Battery Percentage” on iPhone. Here’s how you can disable battery percentage in iOS/iPadOS.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings” and tap “Battery”.
  • Step #2: Toggle off the “Battery Percentage”.

Finally, we will reboot the iPhone/iPad manually

Airpods 2 User: Airpods 2 has Siri feature, So we can know the battery percentage of your Airpods using Siri command. Just To check the battery, hold the AirPods next to your iPhone or ask Siri “How’s the battery on my AirPods?”. Airpods will answer any time with the exact percentage of battery level.

Check Battery Percentage on Device:

  1. For Apple Watch: Swipe up the finger to see apple watch control center from home or Watch Face screen.
  2. For iPhone: You can also Enable Battery Percentage on iPhone top to see in the status bar at a glance
  3. For AirPods: Ways to Check a Charge Status of AirPods. You must need iPhone, Mac that connected with it.
  4. For Mac: Enable Battery Percentage on Mac.

For iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 pro-Max, XS Max, XR, XS, X,8, 8 Plus

    1. Step #1: Press and release the Volume Up key.
    2. Step #2: Press and release the Volume Down key.
    3. Step #3: Lastly, hold down the Side key and release it when you encounter the Apple logo on the screen.

For Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus

    • Step #1: Hold down the Volume Down key and power key until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6S/SE or earlier and iPad

    • Step #1: Press and hold the sleep/wake button along with the Home button and release it when you see the Apple logo.

Once the iPhone reboots go and check if the battery widget is working as usual or not. Still battery widget is not showing in iPad then check out the next solution.

Solution 3: Reset All Settings

By mistake, if you have made some settings on iPhone which might be affecting the battery widget than it can be resolved by resetting all settings.

  • Step #1: Open “Settings” and tap “General”.
  • Step #2: Tap “Reset” and then tap “Reset All Settings”.
  • Step #3: Enter the passcode to proceed further.

Probably the battery widget missing iOS 12 would be solved by this fix.

Solution 4: Update the iPhone

None of the above works for your iPhone battery widget not showing iOS 13 then wait for the updates. Meanwhile, you can check if an update is available or not.

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Missing Batteries Widget and hard reboot as well as given solution not working for you, then maybe Apple bug and it will fix soon. you should send a report to Apple using its Feedback App with the title of Missing Batteries Widget on my iPhone [Write Model name and iOS version].

Video to Add batteries widget on iPhone Home screen iOS 14 beta

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