How to Change Kilometer to Miles in Google Maps for iOS

How to Change Km to Miles in Google Maps on iPhone, iPad

Today I come with a new tip for beginners or unknown Google map users of iOS. The way is to change km to miles in Google Maps on iPhone, iPad. You may very familiar with the Google map app of the iPhone. But there are some the folks have no such idea how to switch distance units on Google map iOS app (kilometers to miles or mile to kilometer), Access Google map offline on iPhone, delete map history, notification settings and much more.

Generally, Google online mapping and all services are more powerful. We can say this from the feature of Google iOS map likely it does automatically detect distance unit as per location wise. Even though, in some cases (with buggy version) either it doesn’t work properly or some of the folks they don’t like on-screen (viewing) distance unit.

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Easy way to change km to miles in Google Map on iPhone, iPad

So at that time you’ve another option to change km to miles in Google map on iPhone, iPad. And the option changes Distance Units manually. Therefore, here you can learn the trick to switch or change km to miles in Google Maps on the iPhone manually. And get perfect time along with direction between two places through the car, train, cycle riding, and walking distance.

Follow the Steps How do I change Google Maps from km to miles?

  • Step 1. Open Google Map on your iPhone or iPad
  • Step 2. Tap on three horizontal line icon (you can see at left-side in search bar)how to Change Km to miles in Google maps on iPhone, ipad
  • Step 3. Touch on Settings
  • Step 4. Now tap on Distance Unitsswitch units miles to kilometre on ipadm iphone,iOS 9 change km to miles in Google map on iPhone
  • Step 5. Select an option out of given Automatic, Kilometers and Miles.Apple iOS Google map app of iPhone screen of change distance units

You’re done.

You guys I hope that you got here exact answer on this page for how do you change the units on Google Maps distance kilometer to Mile? please share your reply in the comment!!

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