How to Switch Between KM and Miles in Google Maps on iPhone, Mac

Today I come with a new tip for beginners or unknown Google map users of iOS. The way is to change km to miles in Google Maps, iPhone, and iPad. You may be very familiar with the iPhone’s Google Maps app. But some folks have no idea how to switch distance units on the Google Maps iOS app (kilometers to miles or mile to kilometer), Access Google Maps Offline on iPhone, delete map history, notification settings, and much more.

Generally, Google’s online mapping and all services are more powerful. We can say this from the feature of Google iOS map. It is likely to automatically detect the distance unit as per location. Even though, in some cases (with the buggy version), either it doesn’t work properly, or some of the folks don’t like the on-screen (viewing) distance unit.

Easy Way to Change Km to Miles in Google Maps & Apple Maps

So at that time, you’ve another option to change km to miles in Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad. And the option changes Distance Units manually. Therefore, here you can learn how to switch or manually change km to miles in Google Maps on the iPhone. And get the perfect time and directions between two places through the car, train, cycle riding, and walking distance.

1) For Google Maps on iPhone, iPad

Follow the Steps How do I change Google Maps from km to miles?

Step 1. Launch the Google Map on your iPhone or iPad > Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen (you can see it on the left in the search bar)

 Launch the Google Map Tap on Profile Icon on iPhone

Step 2: Click on Settings. Then, Tap on Distance Units. Now, Select an option out of the given Automatic, Kilometers, and Miles.

Select Settings Tap on Distance Units Select Miles Option on iPhone

You’re done.

2) Switch Between KM and Miles in Apple Maps

Follow the steps below to change the distance on the Apple Maps app from Km to Miles and Miles to Km from the settings. Previously, we saw how to change the distance unit on the Google Maps app. Follow the below steps for change in the Apple Maps app.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone > Swipe Down to Tap on General.

Open Settings Choose General on iPhone

Step 2: Again, scroll down and Tap on Language & Region > Click on Measurement System With Option: Metric, US & UK.

Select Language & Region Tap on Measurement System change for KM to Miles on iPhone

Step 3: Measurement System With Option: Metric, US & UK > Select to Switch Between Metric for Kilometers and US and UK for Miles.

Tap on Distance Change From KM to Miles on iPhone

3) Switch Between KM and Miles in Google Maps on Mac

Step 1: Open on your browser and Search for your Destination name, Tap on Direction.

Search Google Map on Mac

Step 2: Search your Destination name > Tap on Options Just below the destination names.

Choose to Search Destination Tap on Options on Mac

Step 3: Select your Distance units from Automatic, Miles, and KM.

Tap on DIstance units to Select Miles on Mac

Step 4: Select your Distance units to Switch Between Miles to Km.

Switch Between Miles to KM in Google Map on Mac

That’s it.

4) Switch Between KM and Miles in Apple Maps on Mac

Step 1: Open the Apple Logo from the Top Menu > Select System Settings.

Open Apple Logo Select System Settings on Mac

Step 2: Choose General Option > Select Language & Region.

Choose General Option Tap Language & Region on Mac

Step 3: Tap on Measurement System > Select from Metric(Kilometers) US (Miles), UK (Miles).

Tap Measurement system to Select Metric(KM) on Mac

That’s it.

You guys, I hope that you got here exact answer on this page for how you change the units on Google Maps distance from kilometers to Miles. Please share your reply in the comment!!

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