How to Change Language on iPhone, iPad (iOS 17.1.2)

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All about iPhone language settings. Although your Apple device allows selecting the default language during setup, you might want to impede it later. Whether you chose the wrong language or want to use a different one. Changing language and region on iPhone and iPad is pain-free.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to change language on iPhone and iPad.

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How to Change the Main Language on Your iPhone or iPad

If you travel a lot between countries that use different languages, adjusting iOS or iPadOS to local language can always be helpful. You can handily Change the Main Language on Your iPhone or iPad – Here’s how.

​​How To Change Language on iPhone And iPad

Reminder, steps for changing language on iPhone or iPad are the same, so if you have any device follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings App.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Hit Language & Region.
  4. Choose Add Language…
  5. From the prompt, select your language.
  6. Give further confirmation by choosing the one you want. 
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Your device screen will turn black, so wait until the screen brightens up. Keep note, language on the Apple Apps like Pages, Maps, etc will be changed.

But there will be no change in keyboard language. So in case, you want to change it too, follow our guide on how to change the Keyboard Language on iPhone and iPad.

How To Change Region On iPhone And iPad

To change the region on iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Click on Language & Region.
  4. Select Region.

From the prompt, please search for the region in the search tab and click on it. Once you do so, your device screen will turn black; wait until it brightens again.

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Bottom Line

Apple devices support varieties of languages so that you can use them more personalized manner by implying it on your phone while texting or using Siri. As an alternative option; there are many best language apps you can install on your Apple peripherals.

How To Change Language On iPhone While Texting

First of all, you will need to add language to iPhone keyboard. To do so, access the keyboard, then long press on the Globe Icon from the left bottom corner. Next, choose Keyboard Settings…> Keyboards. Next, click Add New Keyboard… and select the preferable one. To apply it on a text field, once again, long-press on the Globe Key and choose the one you want.

How To Change Language On iPhone Apps

Yes, on iPhone, you can change the language of an individual application. For that, go to Settings. Then, scroll down and select the desired application. Then, from the application menu, choose Languages. Lastly, click on the language from the Suggested Languages or Other Languages menu.

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How To Change Gmail Language On iPhone

Head to the Settings App. Scroll down and click on Gmail from the list of applications. Click Languages and configure the one you want.

How To Change Language On A Website On iPhone

For Safari users, from inside the web page, tap on the aA Icon next to the search bar. Then from the drop-down, select Language To [Translate]. If the language you use isn’t available in the drop-down, you need to add it first.

To add language, go to the Settings App. Click on General. Next, choose Language & Region. Tap on Add Language…. Select the one you want. That’s It!

How To Change Language On Netflix On iPhone

To change the display language of Netflix, click on the Profile Icon from top -right corner. Next, click on the Edit Button from the top right corner. Next, select Pencil icon over your Profile, and then choose Display Language. From the result, select the one you want. That’s It!

How To Change Youtube Language On iPhone

You change the Youtube language itself from the iPhone settings app. Go to Settings App. Scroll down and select Youtube App. Up next, click on Languages. Finally, select the language you want.

How To Change Language On iPad From Spanish To English

If you are using Spanish language on your iPad and want to switch to English, go to Settings > General > Language And Region. From the next screen, select English. If language isn’t available, tap on Add Language…search, and select English.

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