How to Install iOS 16.5 Public Beta on iPhone or iPad

how to Download and install iOS Public beta on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

After released iOS 15.1 Developer Beta 2, Apple has released iOS 15.1 Public Beta to all for testing purposes. We every time consider making a guide for you like on about how to enroll the device to download and install iOS 15 Public Beta configuration profile on the iPhone or iPad.

Before getting started the mentioned tutorial- there are specific points that you should ensure which are given in three bullet points.

Point 1 is for a backup of your device- You must have the Fresh backup Copy of your iOS device if you don’t have yet then Go to SettingsApple ID banner [User name] – iCloudiCloud Backup and back up the device.

Point 2 tells you that if iCloud storage full and don’t want to upgrade iCloud Storage then you can take Back up with Apple iTunes using these steps-

Connect it to your Apple Mac or Windows Pc – Launch iTunes – Select your device in the top left menu bar – to encrypted backup in plain English to make a password-protected back up don’t miss to check to mark the box of Encrypt back up. In last, Click on Back up.

Point 3 says that the user device must be an iOS 15 Compatible iPhone. If you have an iOS 14 running device, then don’t think more because all iOS 14 running device can drive on iOS 15 excluded iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE.

Start on How to install iOS 15 Public Beta on iPhone or Apple iPad

Step #1. Open the Safari Browser on your iOS device and hit on

Step #2. Tap the Sign up button if you have used the iOS Public Beta.

Sign UP for iOS 12 Public Beta on iPhone

Step #3. Now, Sign in and hit to Get Started section.

Tap on Sign in to Aplpe iOS 12 Public Beta on iPhone

Step #.4 Next, Enter your Apple ID and Password then Click on Sing-In.

Sign With your Apple ID in to Aplpe iOS 12 Public Beta

Step #5. Now, Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step #6. Then, select the iOS tab and tap on Enroll your iOS device appears under the Get Started section. Then, click on the Download profile.

Tap on iOS tab then hit on Enroll your iOS device then tap on Download Profile in Apple Public beta website

Tap on Install at the top right corner. Then, you need to enter your Device Lock Passcode. Tap on Install to accept the beta agreement.

Step #7. Now, Tap on Install at the lower to confirm.

Tap on Install to Confirm on your iPhone to install iOS 12 Public Beta

Then, tap on the Restart button to rebooting your iOS device.

After your iPhone or iPad has rebooted, it will start downloading the iOS 15 Public beta Configuration Certificate.

Step #8. Once your iDevice has downloaded the public beta software, you need to open the Settings app on your iDeviceGeneralSoftware Update.

Tap iPhone Settings App then tap on General and hit on Software Update to Check for iOS 12 public Beta

Step #9. When the Public Beta update shows up, tap on Download and Install.

Then, enter your Device lock screen Passcode.

Hint: Some of the users might get the Storage button instead of Download and install switch. Therefore, you unable or in other words, you can’t download the iOS 15 Public Beta. So in this case, the user must require to free up storage space on its device to install the latest Operating system profile. You can offload Apps, Free up Storage Space in iOS.

Wait until your device starts downloading the iOS 15 Public Beta Profile.

After downloading has completed, tap on the Install button.

Wait until the full process is completed. After your iPhone or iPad (Air, Pro, or Mini) has rebooted, it will have iOS 15 Public Beta 1.

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