Apple Watch won’t charge battery- how to fix (Solved)

Might be the problem regarding battery life of Apple Watch and its Apple Watch won’t charge the battery or take a long time to charge. we need the efficient power source or Backup all time in our smartwatch. I found some troubleshooting tips that help in charge your apple watch correctly. we hope all did their Apple Watch and iPhone setup successfully. But, the main problem of the portable device is its battery life. Same battery capacity comes for 38MM apple watch as well 42 MM Apple Watch. Also, care and improve iPhone battery Life.

Whether you put your iWatch on comfort and beautiful charging stand. After a couple of hours when you pick up your Apple watch, you feel in reality uncharged Apple watch, this might happen throughout some issues such as no Apple watch charger plug in properly, not removed Plastic cover from charging disc back of the Apple watch. You not only one but almost user reported same issue with their Watch.

Follow under listed alternate ways to fix Apple Watch won’t charge battery. These guide you can apply for all Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch and, Apple watch Sport.

Alternate ways on Apple Watch won’t charge battery- how to fix (solved)

There are several alternate ways for issues Apple watch won’t charge battery life: We’re published here one by one, follow it carefully. Hope, one of them becomes very useful for you.

1st Way – Set your Apple Watch in convenient outlet during charging  

You should change charging outlet of your Apple watch. Try this one, set the iWatch charger flat on the desk and placed the watch on top.

Now start the power on with proper Watch charging cable. Notwithstanding still your watch isn’t charge, and then go for second way.

Apple Watch won’t charge battery- how to fix tips

Apple watch is not charging; first check plastic off from back side, over the charging connector. Thin plastic cover is not easy to visible.

May problem with power brick, some power adapter looks like new but not proper from inside. Try with other power adapter or also check USB cable as well.

Power Reserve mode is only the way to keep your Apple watch turn on for near to empty battery situation.

Still not your iwatch not charging: Re-pack apple watch in to box, Go to apple store and request for replace.

Your Apple watch washed & the reason might be you forgot in to the pocket and watch washed in to washer. Apple could not guarantee to replace it. Solution found apple in apple watch series 2, because it has been tested with some water proofing features.

2nd Way – Reset your Apple Watch

You can reset y our Apple Watch very easily by going for this how to reset Apple watch tips.

apple watch battery heating issue

After above tips applied. You did not get well, and then go for Apple support.

Might be helpful: Airpods not charging or facing battery drain issue.

Now apple started to think out common problems related to charging in existing devices with iPhone 8 wireless charge concept.

These ways you can use, if you’ve trouble of Overheating Apple Smart watch battery or battery not charged completely. You can write us a comment. However not solve your issue Apple Watch won’t charge battery.