Mac Camera Not Working on Teams: Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated on Feb 4, 2021

Microsoft Teams is an amazing workspace to stay connected with your organization and colleagues, chat with them, present documentation, video meetings, etc. Apart from Zoom, Google Meet; Microsoft Teams is the best alternative and if your organization has provided you Microsoft Office Suite then obviously you’ll be using the Teams rather than Zoom or Google Meet. In recent days, many people have reported issues with Teams, especially on Mac, and MacBook.

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So if you’re stuck with the Microsoft Teams and want an answer on how do I turn on my camera on Microsoft Teams Mac and if it doesn’t work then try the potential troubleshooting to fix the Mac Camera issues with the Teams app on Mac.

Why is my Camera not working on Microsoft Teams on Mac?

Remove Camera Restrictions From Parental Control

Have you enabled the restrictions for camera access of your Mac under the screen time parental control Called Screen Time? Here are the Straightforward steps to quickly make it correct and start using your Mac, MacBook Internal camera.

Turn on Camera on Mac, MacBook

Turn on Camera on Mac, MacBook

  • Click on the Apple Logo from the top Mac Menu > System Preferences > Screen Time > Click on Content & Privacy From the Left side of Windows > Apps Tab > and Select Camera option and Checked it.

That’s it. Now move to the next solution. and Manage other Camera Privacy settings for App and Browser.

Temporary Solution: Try Logging to Teams on Web Browser

If you’re in extreme need of Microsoft Teams, then the best you can do right now is use the Best Secure Browser for Mac like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or any, and use the Teams on that platform. Visit the Microsoft Team by clicking on the link, enter the credentials, and use the Teams there.

Grant Teams App Permission to Access Camera and Microphone on Browser. Here I am taking Google Chrome Browser as an Example.

Due to privacy restrictions, without your concern, no app can use the Camera, Microphone of MacBook, without your permission. Here’s how to enable the camera on Teams Mac.

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the top menu bar.
  2. Choose System Preferences.
  3. Select Security & Privacy.
  4. Click on Privacy
  5. Find and select the Camera option from the sidebar [Some users can’t see this camera option because Screen Time Restrictions for Camera is turned on, Explained Earlier].

    Allow Permission to Access Camera, Microphone and Screen Share on Mac

  6. And make sure the Teams app is checked.
  7. You might need to click on the Lock button and enter the administrator password to make these changes. Restart your Browser and Re-Open Microsoft Team URL on your Browser, to Start Video calling without the Zoom app. This trick is really helpful on Mac or Windows Computer/PC system.

    Quite and Reopen Browser to Apply Changes

    Quite and Reopen Browser to Apply Changes

Also Allow Mac Camera access on Browser Tab, from the Top Address Bar, While you open Teams in a browser, your browser will see the Camera icon, click on it and select Always allow…., and Tap on Done to apply changes.

Enable Camera Access on Mac Chrome Browser

Enable Camera Access on Mac Chrome Browser

Another way, to Enable Mac Browser’s Camera and Microphone on Browser,

Enable Camera or Microphone for Microsoft Team on Browser

Enable Camera or Microphone for Microsoft Team on Browser

Finally, the Microsoft Team Video calling facility is accessible on my Mac,

Microsoft Team Fixed the Camera issues on Mac

Microsoft Team Fixed the Camera issues on Mac

Important Note: Utilize more System Source or RAM to Your Chrome Browser by Enabling “Use hardware acceleration when available“, if you are using chrome. Open New Tab on Chrome Browser > Enter this: chrome://settings/system and Enter to move your Chrome settings, Enable “Use hardware acceleration when available“. Relaunch the Browser and Check if it fixed or not.

Browser Not Supported to Use Microsoft Team Meeting

Download Teams for Desktop or Mac

Download Teams for Desktop or Mac

Becuase of many reasons like incompatible Browser version, Unhealthied Extension installed on your Browser or Some Privacy Tracking is enabled on your Browser, Meet Team unable to load on Browser, then use Team Desktop app, a Most common error is “Teams is in preview in Safari“, [For Mac user, Download it on your Mac and install].

  1. Go to this link for Download Team for Desktop Work. [Mac and Windows]
  2. Open and Run Team setup file on Mac, Once the installation finished, Open Team From spotlight search or Launchpad.
  3. Start Video Meeting, From top Meet button option, and Start Video calling. Click on “Ok” for “allow Microsoft Team Would like to Access the camera” or Enable from Mac system Preferences, Apple Logo > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Under the Privacy Tab, Unlock the Window and Enable Microsoft Team for Camera use, Window panel like below,
    1. Enable Camera toggle.
    2. Click on Settings gear to change Your Mac camera and Microphone settings for Microsoft Teams.

      Microsoft Team Camera Settings and Enable Camera on App

      Microsoft Team Camera Settings and Enable Camera on App

  4. That’s all about.

Check Microsoft Teams System Status

Microsoft Team System Status online

Microsoft Team System Status online

Sometimes, there’s an issue from the server side that leads to the MacBook camera not working on Teams and many more other problems. Visit the Microsoft Teams Status page to verify it’s working for all or you’re the only victim. If everything is working correctly from their end, then jump to the next section to resolve the problem.

Reset Mac Camera

Like any other settings, you can also reset the Mac hardware including the Camera. Here you’ve to reset the supportive programs called Daemons for the Camera using the Terminal app. This will force close the camera for all the applications such as FaceTime, etc., and will restart the same.

  1. Launch Terminal (Press Option + Spacebar to launch Spotlight and search Terminal app).
  2. Type sudo killall VDCAssistant and hit Return key.
  3. Enter the administrator password to confirm the process.

Quit All Applications & Try on Another App

If you don’t need the applications anymore, then close all of them from the background. This will lift up the load from the system and might fix the Mac camera not working on the Teams issue. Learn how to force quit applications on Mac.

  • Press Option + Command + Escape keys and force close all the applications.
  • Test Camera with installed Mac Apps Like FaceTime, Photobooth…here’s the detailed guide on to fix Mac camera issues with software and hardware issues.
  • If the Camera is not able to fix and Complately damaged by hardware issues, then Try the External Camera for Mac, available in the market at a very low price.

Update Microsoft Teams App and Mac

Both macOS and Teams App should run on the latest version in order to streamline the functions, otherwise, problems like Mac camera won’t work on Teams is likely to occur. Therefore, it is advisable to update the Microsoft Teams App as well as the Mac to the latest version available.

Connect Mac to the stable internet connection and proceed with the following steps.

To Update Mac,

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Click on Software Update.
  4. Wait until the system finds out the latest version available for your machine, click on the Update Now button to download and install the Software Update.

To Update Microsoft Teams,

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select App Store.
  3. Click on the Updates button and update Microsoft Teams app.

Run Code in Terminal App

If the Microsoft Teams app isn’t recognizing the Camera or External Camera on Mac, run the below-mentioned code in the Terminal to get it fixed.

Launch the Terminal App. Enter the following code and hit return. You’ll be asked to enter the administrator password, complete the process and restart the Mac.

sudo codesign –remove-signature “/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (Renderer).app”.

Alternate Solutions: Tips and Tricks

as you know your Mac camera is completely dead and Won’t work after applied too much repairing efforts from Software Update to Re-install of MacOS. Looking for alternate ways to work with your Mac.

Use External Camera on Mac

Nowadays, we have a high-quality External Camera with the best quality microphone support. just plug and play setup is really helpful if your internal mac Camera isn’t working on Microsoft Teams video call. Here’s the list of the top best Mac cameras at a Cheap price cost.

Later on, we can get free help from apple support without testing more time on the Apple store, just book an Appointment at apple genius bar and Diagnose the mac camera problem as quickly as possible.

Use Mobile App: iOS and Android

Microsoft providing free service to end-users to handle any situations and Grow up your business without any hassle and Extraordinary way. Same Microsoft Teams Meetings are workable on a Small Mobile screen. Just like Desktop Version. We have a dedicated app for iOS and Android mobile. Keep installed on your Primary device.

Add Teams URL in Flash Player

While using Teams in the web browser you might need to add the Teams URL in the Flash Player located in the System Preference of the Mac. Some users have fixed the camera issue with this trick.

  1. Click on the Apple menu, and choose System Preferences.
  2. Select Flash Player.
  3. There add the Teams URL (
  4. Close all the apps and restart the Mac.

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