How to Change Username on Clubhouse App: Social Audio Chat in 2022

Last Updated on Jan 4, 2022

on iPhone or Android, Let’s learn how do I change Clubhouse username and clubhouse alias name in this single post. The Clubhouse Social app is one of the hottest social media apps, and as per the users, it’s going to be one of the leading in the future, guys, so stay tuned but in this particular content, let’s show you if you can modify it your username or not.

This is because the individuals sometimes don’t like their username or get matched with another username, so here’s the answer.

Clubhouse Username ideas

You can only change it once. you can get here Clubhouse username ideas that perfect for You!

Make sure to pay close attention to the letters you put in and all the stuff because you will not be able to change it later in the future.

Okay, but if I press looks good. Otherwise, you will see the message “Username has already taken by a different user”. 

Once you did it successfully, it’s okay to share with others, and others will get a new username automatically without knowing them or sent a notification.

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Can I Change Clubhouse Username?

Yes, Clubhouse users can change usernames from the account without any extra confirmations like Email or Phone number verifications. But only once after you create an account, No more. Follow the below steps for how to change the @clubhouse username and What should you do if want to change after change once.

What is the Clubhouse Username character limit?

is there a character limit for username on the Clubhouse (CH) app? Yes, The Clubhouse App allowed 15 or below character user name only.

I tried to enter a lengthen username on CH App and click on the update button, but I got an error popup with a red label that says, Sorry! Your username can’t be more than 15 characters long.What is Character limit for Clubhouse username

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How to Change Your Clubhouse Username? Follow Steps

If you didn’t choose the one that you wanted correctly from the first time because a lot of people have struggled with that, even the existing users don’t know how to do that because if you can see if you go to the settings, you don’t have any options as of Instagram, Facebook and all the stuff to allow a bunch of options to change and to customize bar is very simple guys so what you need to do is when you open the clubhouse happy to look something like this what you want to do is to

  1. Go in the top right corner of your profile, and now what you want to do is make sure to click on my username. Just click on it, and it will automatically ask you to modify your username.Clubhouse Home screen & Profile on Mobile
  2. and nowhere, of course, you want to input whatever username you want, let’s say, for example, I want my name, which is a restaurant if I want to click update, make sure it’s right. You can only change it once. > Click on Looks Good.Update or Change Username on Clubhouse Phone app

If you were having severe issues with your username, then you can contact Clubhouse support with some necessary details like Your Username, First name, Last name, and Screenshot if you have one.

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How to Change Clubhouse username After Change Once

Your Username Can’t Change” Error on Clubhouse App,

Your Username Can't Change on Clubhouse App

If you have Done Many Attempts to Change your Username, and Still have a chance to Update a New Username by requesting to company. Beneath steps will help you to Change Clubhouse username after change once. Clubhouse Team taking request for your CH Username change.

  1. Go to this Clubhouse Support page, and Create a ticket to change the Username of the Clubhouse profile.
  2. Enter your Register Clubhouse Email, also Enter Your Old [Current] Username.
  3. Select the “My Account & Profile” Option from the Dropdown list, and Select @username change.Change Username Request to Clubhouse
  4. Enter New Username and Request it. Given Brief info in description, Also give multiple usernames for to check availability in Priority order.
  5. And Submit the request. The clubhouse team will notify the update as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the only option is to Delete Clubhouse Account and Re-create a new One with your Preferred Username after change the Clubhouse username Two times.

During Ongoing Deletion Clubhouse account request, User can’t Use Same username and Phone number within 30 days.

Also, Clubhouse is not Guaranteed to Get a new Username as you want, If someone reserves a Username. Also, the user can create New Account with the same number after 30 Days period.

Or Get Official Help from Clubhouse Support in These ways.

What happens with the old Username when I change the Username on Clubhouse?

According to CH Terms and Conditions, Clubhouse user can hold one account only with One username and One Phone number. So, After Change Username on Clubhouse, Old username is not reserved for you, Rest of the Community can use old username.

Video Guide:-

So, guys, that’s it for this content as of now. If you want to see more content about the clubhouse app, like how to change the name, change your room profile picture, invite people’s kitchen event, download the app, connect to Instagram, and many more. As stated above that many people are not familiar with the features of the app. Both new and existing users are not aware of the hidden features, and that’s very common.

The social media apps are always available to guide people about their features, usage, and updates about the technical issues and their solutions. For this reason, many apps, including the Clubhouse app, are becoming famous day by day. What else then? Just keep yourself updated by reading our contents. Cheers!

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