Fixed No None Option When Setting up Apple ID Payment iOS 17.1.2

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In an earlier decade, Apple has different techniques to verify the identity of users that prevent spamming. So we require Payment information to verify your Apple ID account; if we haven’t any credit card, select the None option during Create a new Apple ID. But nowadays, new apple ID creation doesn’t require credit card payment verification. Because Apple allows different payment methods like Paypal, and Apple Pay Cash, the Credit card Certification section is skipped while creating a new apple on your iPhone/iPad or Mac.

Here are the simple steps for Creating a new Apple ID without a Credit card and Doesn’t require selecting the None Option. After that, you can download the free app from App Store on iPhone and iPad, Free Download, and Install the app from Mac App Store on MacBook, or Mac.

Fixed for None payment option not showing, When creating new apple ID

On Latest macOS, Use App Store on Mac to Download a free app with “None” payment option for your Apple ID. to See this option while creating a new apple ID, Follow the below steps.

Why can’t I select none payment method?

Step 1→ Open the Mac App store on Mac.

Step 2→ Next, Find any free app like, “Picktorial“. And open it. Now, Click on Get & install.


Step 3→ Your Mac will ask to Enter Apple ID Or Create a new Apple ID, Follow the on screen instructions. and Under the payment Information, Select None and Continue.

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Step 4→ That’s it. Now Using this Apple ID we can download and install a free apps without any error like, “This Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store.”

If you don’t have a mac, then use App Store on your iPhone or iPad. and Try to Download the Free app and Choose none option while you create a new apple ID.

On Windows PC or Old MacOS Use iTunes to Download a Free app with None Payment Option

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Mac/ PC.

Note: if you are logged in existing Apple ID, Sign out of that. Go to the Account from the top iTunes menu > Sign Out.

Go with free app from app store

Step 2: Next, Select Free App from the App store.

Step 3: Under the list of apps, you must go with any free app first.

Note: How to Verify? It’s free. The paid app always shows a price tag at the end of each app name. (No price tag means it’s free and clicks on it).

Get free app from iTunes app store

Step 4: Next, app description page > Click get option.

Start New apple ID sign up

Step 5: From the Apple ID Login popup, Go for “Create New Apple ID.”

Next, Accept the Privacy policy, Enter personal information and login credentials.

None payment option not showing in New Apple ID registration

Wow! You will meet below the screen; choose none option.

That’s it, and you are done.

Billing Address: Carefully submit billing details of your Friends, Family members where you select store region.

Finally, click on create Apple ID.

Above is the official and straightforward way to create an Apple ID when the None payment option is not showing in sign up.

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No None Option on Create New Apple ID: Setup Apple ID without Credit Card

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Tap on Sign In to your iPad.
Sign in your Apple ID for Create a New apple ID On iPhone or iPad
Sign in your Apple ID for Create a New Apple ID On iPhone or iPad
  • Click on Don’t have an Apple ID or Forgot it?
  • Start Creating new apple ID
    Start Creating a new Apple ID
  • Now, select Create a New Apple ID from Popup.
  • Create Apple ID on iPhone or iPad
    Create Apple ID on iPhone or iPad
  • Next, Enter First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth. Now Tap on Next,
  • Enter Profile Details for new apple ID
    Enter Profile Details for new apple ID
  • Enter Valid Apple ID, Create Email Address.
  • Generate new Apple ID and Verify if it's Available
    Generate unique Apple ID and Verify if it’s Available
  • Enter Password and Verify with the same Password, Tap on Next.
  • Enter password or Verify Password on iPhone and iPad
    Enter the password or Verify Password on iPhone and iPad
  • Next, you have to select your country code and Enter your Mobile number to verify your account.
  • Verify Using your Mobile number
    Verify Using your Mobile number

    You will get Six digit verification code to verify it.

    Verify Six digit Code for Create apple ID
    Verify Six digit Code for Create Apple ID
  • Now, Accept Apple terms and conditions.
  • Accept Apple ID terms and conditions on iPhone
    Accept Apple ID terms and conditions on iPhone
  • That’s it. Apple ID is Created. and Signed in your Device.
  • New Apple ID created on iphone or ipad
    New Apple ID created on iPhone or ipad

    In Above Process, we don’t need to verify the Payment option or select none option.

    In the whole apple System, Apple ID is essential for using all apple services. People must require Payment details, but we can make a new Apple ID without payment details, which means no credit card data. So for that, you should go with none payment option under payment details when you create a new Apple ID in iTunes or On Mac/ iPhone/ iPad. But most users have a query about the None payment option not showing in the sign-up apple ID.

    For the Selected case, you will find None payment option. Otherwise not, Learn about in which case you find or select a none payment option in the new apple ID registration.

    After Create Apple ID, want to change the payment option by no option (No any payment option). Here’s the fix that might be conflicting to show up none option for further payment detail change.

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    Way to start from is an integral part of apple ID creation.

    Make sure that you forwarded from the free app or Pro app.

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