7 Fixes Quick Look (Mac Spacebar Preview) Not Working in 2024

Get the solution on Quick Look (Mac Spacebar Preview) Not Working 2022 to see the Preview of the document from the finder without launching the app. Whenever you open Quick Look Preview on your Mac, it shows only Small Preview with Metadata information but won’t show in full preview or Play if an open video file is in Quick Look.

So, here are what people are facing issues while accessing the Quick look function on Mac, Spacebar not working while trying to open Photo [PNG, JPG, WEBP] and video [MOV, MP4], PDF, Doc, Word, PPT, Pages, Number, TextEdit, Keynote in Quick Look, Video Won’t play in Quick look Preview, Quick look showing metadata. This issue is related to the Thumbnail Preview icon not showing on Finder.

Troubleshooting solution for Quick Look Not working on Mac

What is a quick look on mac?

Quickly show a preview of any document, file without launching the app on mac. Select a file in the Finder sidebar and Press the space key from the keyboard to preview in Quick Look or Right-click on the file, Select Quick Look Option.

But This action not working to use Quick Look on Mac, Follow the below solutions and re-fix the issue now.

1. Relaunch Finder on your Mac

Some users found a solution after Relaunch Finder on Mac. To Rebuild all the files and folder system,

  1. Go to the Apple logo from the top Mac menubar
  2. Choose Force Quit…
  3. Now Select Finder from the apps list
  4. Click the Relaunch button.
  5. A pop-up will ask you Do you want to force Finder to relaunch? You will lose any unsaved changes. Go with Relaunch.

Please wait for Finder available on the screen, to test Quick Look Preview.


That’s all it.

2. Clear Quick Look Cache on Mac

Re-build the Cache data for finder on Mac, and Quickly Get a Preview of Any Document in a Quick look with new Cache data. Hope this helps with the temporary data issue. follow the below steps,

Open the Terminal app on your mac using spotlight search or Using Launchpad.


Now Type the following command “qlmanage -r cache” on the terminal.


Hit the return key to run the command and clear all Quick look cache on Mac. You will see the below result on the terminal.


Test the result and hope you get the issue fixed. Next is to restart your Mac to refresh or regenerate the new Finder cache.

Restart your Mac computer:-

Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > Click Restart.

Fix: EPS preview in finder not working on Mac after macOS Ventura or Monterey Update


EPS is a Vector graphics format created by adobe, Third-Party Software must be installed on your Mac to View or Open on your Mac. That’s why Mac users won’t support Quick look Preview in Finder on Mac. Check out the Below workaround to fix the issue.

Tip 1: Change .eps extension to .ai [MacOS Monterey support .ai extension file in Quick look Preview]


Tip 2: Open .EPS file in Quicklook [Select file and press Spacebar to view in Quicklook.


Click on Open With Preview]. Your Mac covert into a Postscript file and Will open in the Preview app on Mac.


Tip 3: Send report to apple support as Feedback or Bug.

3. Safe Mode on Mac

Safe mode on Mac determines the software issue on Mac startup. so put your Mac in Safe mode and check the issue is resolved as per apple’s recommendations. So, Putting your Mac in Safe mode is different for Intel and M1 Mac. follow the below steps to putting your Mac in Safe Mode.

  • For M1 Mac:- Shut down your Mac, and Wait for 10 seconds. Now, Press and Hold on the Power button [Toch ID button], until you see the Startup volume and Options on screen. Select Start volume from Mac screen. Next, Press and Hold on Shift Key, Continue in Safe mode. Wait for a few seconds, and See your Mac login screen.m1-mac-safe-mode
  • For Intel Mac:- Shut Down your Mac, and After waiting for 10 seconds, And Quickly Press and Hold on Shift Key until you see the Login screen on Mac. with Safe mode label. That’s it.

Once you login in safe mode, check the issue is fixed or not. Still, the problem is not fixed with this solution then wait for the Next update or Reinstall macOS without effect saved data and settings on Mac.

4. Check for Software Update

Apple’s upcoming subsequence macOS update gives you a bug fix and Performace improvement. So, don’t miss to check it and Update periodically on time.

  1. Go to the Apple logo on the top menubar on a Mac computer.
  2. Click System Settings…
  3. Choose General
  4. Hit on Software Update

if any update is available please Download and install it to fix quick look preview issue on your Mac.

5. Reinstall macOS

Reinstall macOS is required while your mac won’t fix or overwrite the issue with basic troubleshooting. This is time-consuming but very helpful in fixing the macOS issue without erasing data or settings from Mac.

Depending on your Mac processor [M1 or Intel], First put your Mac in Recovery mode and Reinstall macOS. follow the below steps,

  1. For M1 Mac:- Shutdown your Mac, And wait for 20 seconds then Press and Hold on the Power button [Touch ID Button], until your Mac shows the Startup volume and Options settings icon.
    • Select Options and View the “macOS Utilities” window on the screen, Next to Select the Reinstall macOS option. Next, follow the onscreen setup process.
  2. For Intel Mac:- Shutdown your Mac, After waiting for 20 seconds, Turn on your Mac, then Quickly press and Hold on Command + R From the keyboard until the mac screen shows the macOS Utilities window, and Select Reinstall macOS option and continue the option. That’s it.

Once you do it. Hope the issue will fix after the installation is complete. In this process, your Mac downloads the latest version of macOS from the internet and installs it safely.

How to Use Quick Look on Mac from Finder

Select the File that’s you want to see or preview quickly before use or editing.

Now, Press the Space key from the keyboard to open the file in a small preview without opening the app on Mac or Right-click on file > Quick Look.

So, there are two alternate ways to open File in Quick Look from finder app on Mac.

6. Report a Bug & Apple Support:-

if the issue is really big and serious, then I would like to recommend the apple support center to report this bug to apple and Get frequent help from the apple desk officially.

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