Siri not Working on macOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra? Here’s Fix on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

After the added all possible stuff in Mac OS X EI Capitan. Apple has introduced renamed OS X called macOS Sierra with Siri integration. Since now Siri is a new multitasking feature for the Mac users and it’s a flagship one among all new features of the latest macOS. So obviously, all Mac users are not familiar about on how to use Siri on Mac and why Siri does not work after the update? I mean if you’re a one having an issue for talk to Siri not working on macOS Mojave, Sierra, macOS High Sierra? So we have a list of troubleshooting that will guide you how to do fix speak to Siri issue on Mac easily.

Please Note: To Activate Siri on Mac – Requires a broadband Internet connection and microphone (built-in or external).

Solution Siri not working on MacOS Sierra, MacOS High Sierra, Mojave – macOS 10.12, 10.13 on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, MacMini

how to fix resolve Siri not Working on macOS Sierra 10.12

By default Siri icon ships on Dock after the Finder icon and top Menu bar of your Mac laptop (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook) and iMac desktop. You can also create a shortcut key to talk to Siri on Mac. Even though, still read here given fixes. Before get started provided steps, you must check out the internet connection on your Mac device.

Fix 1. Is your Mac System has the latest macOS? – Check out here

Know Current Installed MacOS: Click on Apple logo on the top menu bar – Select Software Update.

Available update, If any. You must update it. After update completed, try again to wake up Siri, if Siri issue persists on Mac though continue following steps. Hope that would be clear your disappointed problem.

Check for new updates on your Mac

Apple Seed new MacOS update an on particular time interval with new improved features and bug fix. New Updates always optimize your Mac performance that quickly opens Siri.

Latest Update for Mac Users running is MacOS High Sierra.

Step #1: Open App Store on Mac.

Step #2: Next, Click on Update tab from the top tab.

6 Check Software Update for MacOS High Sierra

Restart Required before to start the update, Please save your work or use handoff continuity features.

Fix 2. Check out Siri is enabled on your Mac

Step 1. Open the Settings on your Mac.

Step 2. Choose System Preferences.

Step 3. Click on Siri next to the Parental controls.

Siri doesn’t working on macbook pro, macbook air

Now make sure Enable Siri mark is checked. Also, you can also see in Siri Pane like Language, Siri Voice, Mic Input, etc. Since do set all things up in the correct manner. (below picture is a source to enable/ disable Siri on Macbook)

How to enable-disable Siri on Macbook air, macos sierra

Fix 3: Try below troubleshooting:

Apparently, maybe your notification center process is disabled for some reason, I’ve enabled it via terminal by typing:

launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

killall NotificationCenter

After that, I disabled and enabled Siri via the settings menu, and it seems to be working now.

None of the above ways worked in your case, though please restart your Mac and try again to Activate Siri. Hope now talk to Siri helps you get things done, just by asking, Find files on your Mac, Check the weather, Detect a note and more.

Fix 4: Siri Required Internet Connection

Siri is not offline, So we need Good internet connection via WAN or WiFi network. Check the Internet is turned on from the browser.

Are you looking for using Siri on Mac? Below Reasons

Apple Support Did you found any clue that works on your Mac? Let’s send it in the comment box and tell us which solution helped you to resolve to talk to Siri not working on MacOS Mojave, Sierra or MacOS High Sierra (macOS 10.12, 10.13).

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  1. The killall is erroneous and it kills ALL NOTIFICATION and has NOTHING TO DO with Siri. Please REMOVE it from your website as that is FALSE INFORMATION. In fact it is more than false it actually does harm in that the notification is killed entirely and requires one to contact Apple to put it back. If anyone requires Siri to work this IS NOT the website to go to. You can get it from the apple community a BONA FIDE answer that is true. Again the above information is erroneous and HARMFUL.

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