iPhone Screen Not Working Unresponsive After Software Update” Here’s Fix

Last Updated on Jun 22, 2021

In this article, I’ll share with you all possible workarounds to fix the iPhone touch screen not working after iOS/ iPadOS update.

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The touchscreen is a primary interface for all smart gadgets. And the new Apple iPhone, iPad comes with the original Force touch in the control center and the 3D Touch to see more options at a glance for the installed app. Sometimes you feel that your iDevice is responding too slow or hanging/ Screen Unresponsive on the open app, Use Third-party Keyboard for type text, Use the Camera app iPhone, iPad.

Some hidden techniques and tips work on Touchscreen unresponsive on launch Control center within the app or lock screen; Access saved photos or Album in Third-party app.

Fix: iPhone Screen Unresponsive and Freeze, Hanging over time

iPhone Screen unresponsive

iPhone X Screen unresponsive issues [Cold Climate]

iPhone X users are reported screen is not responding due to cold weather, Also Apple planning to give the update in Next iOS to fix this issue. here’s some temporary solution.

1. Check for Updates iOS or Apps

New updates always come with bug fix and new features. So care about new iOS software when it is available.

Go to the Settings > General > Software Update.

Update App: Open App Store > Updates > Available Update or Update All.

Some apps are taking too long time or responding slowly after launch. Also, check for the update of this app.

Unsupported and incompatible app version might be in crashing or Making the iPhone screen unresponsive.

2. Restart or Reboot Device

Re-Fix internal software problem by simple restart or Force Restart

Restart: Press Sleep/ Wake (iPhone 8/8 Plus and Earlier) or Side button (iPhone X) button until you see Slide to turn off option on Screen.

Force Restart: Press Sleep/ Wake + Home button until see apple logo on screen for iPhone 6/ 6S, iPhone 6 Plus/ 6S Plus. 

Force Restart on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or later: Sleep/ Wake + Volume Down button.

3. Backup or Restore (Downgrade)

Incompatible (Device is on the edge of the supported list) with the latest version of iOS then downgrade iOS. Or near to close, left from the latest iOS supported device.

You must go with the help of iTunes, Backup iPhone at first.

Restore iPhone using iTunes download iPSW file for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

4. Taking too long time to Open apps

That means your iPhone is hanging and overloaded due to not enough memory, Close all unused app from multitasking screen.

Or Make free storage space using Different iPhone optimization techniques.

5. Unresponsive to rotate screen

Disable auto screen turn the feature on the home screen or app screen. To quickly stop rotate screen, Swipe up control center and Tap on lock icon with circle arrow. Some app can’t support landscape view.

6. Tempered Screen Protector Problems

After a too long time, Some chemical effects may create a problem, and after lost pro quality, you may be feel Screen Clutter, sticky after remove screen protector damage. If possible then you can get help from professional and clean up screen without any damage.

Change or set up new screen protector (Updated with latest Technology and Facility)

7. Reset settings

Reset all settings at once and Go with the Default option. Might be some screen resolution, New Font size, and style creating problems for render app or UI on screen.

Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings.

3 Reset All iPhone settings

8. 3D Touch Doesn’t show effect instantly

3D Touch works on your Finger pressure gives you in any area of the screen. Now, Based on users facility, anyone can change 3D Touch Pressure intensity. And Then activate 3D Touch using the hard press or Soft press.

Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch.

Enable 3D Touch Toggle by the single tap on it.

Also check load intensity on Screen: Light, Medium, and Firm

9. Check Warranty Status: Problem on Screen

Accidental pressure on screen may damage the screen or internal hardware part. Keep away while you sleep in Bad or also from your kids – Child.

On Pressure damage screen will show Two Vertical line on iPhone screen.

10. Check Warranty Status

Know remaining Warranty (In Months and Year) from IMEI number on the apple site. Under Warranty Device is eligible for replacement or Free repair on Damage/ Not working hardware is free.

Above all are the possible troubleshooting ways on iPhone Screen unresponsive.

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