How to update Medical ID on iPhone 6, 6 plus: iOS 9

Last Updated: Sep 2, 2015

In Apple iOS 9, I think you looking for a way to update Medical ID on iPhone, iPod Touch. And off course cause the Emergency Medical ID is a great feature on iPhone and iPod Touch. Medical ID is helpful if and only if it’s completely filled out with correct information Such as your Name, Birth date, Medical Condition, Medical Notes, Allergies & Reactions, Medications, Emergency Contact Numbers, Blood group, Organ Donor, Weight, and Height.

We recommend you must be keeping up to date your Emergency Medical ID on your Apple iPhone. And yeah don’t worry about misuse because, neither these information include in your health Data nor Shared with other apps. It’s placed in secure way in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Even though, keep enabled it as Show When Locked then anybody can be access Medical ID from Locked Screen iPhone/ iPod as an Emergency access.

So now after reading above paragraph you agree to update Medical ID on iPhone. Then follow below outlined instructions carefully. Because Almost features of your iPhone or iPod touch you could turn off/ turn on through Settings app. although Medical Id is an exclusive feature so you can update/ Edit it at going iPhone/iPod touch health app.

Five Steps to Edit/ update Medical ID on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPod Touch sixth & fifth gen

Step 1. Launch Health app on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Step 2. Touch on Medical ID you can be view lower-right side corner on the screenbest way to update Medical ID on iPhone 6, 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch

Step 3. Tap on Edit button

Step 4. Now enter all details to prepare Medical ID

Step 5. And then tap on done buttonHow to update Medical ID on iPhone with iOS 9

Please note: keep Show When Locked option enabled [under Emergency Access] if you want to access Medical ID on locked screen iPhone/iPod Touch.

You’re done. I hope you could understand above five steps with great iPhone pictures. Now, get at beneath

Steps on how to access Medical ID on Locked Screen iPhone, iPod: iOS 9

Step 1. Swipe right side Slide to unlock iPhone Screen

Step 2. Now tap on Emergency option bottom of the Touch ID or Enter Passcode screen

Step 3. Tap on Medical ID button below of the Phone dial screenhow to get or access Medical ID on Locked Screen iPhone, iPod

That’s it.

Give your voice and tell us how seems this post on to edit or update Medical ID on iPhone 6, 6 plus as well as iPod touch fifth and sixth generation.

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