20 Best Apple Watch Complications Worth Using in 2023

Apple Watch complications are specimens of information from apps on an Apple watch user’s watch face. Apple Watch complications feature as shortcuts to applications that can be glimpsed instantly on the watch face. They are set into predesigned tiny nodes on the watch face. This makes it simpler for users to detect without having to navigate the Apple Watch’s menus. Instead, a complication displays relevant information, and users can hop into the app with just a single tap.

Complications are among the best features of the Apple Watch, as users can see information from their favorite apps on their watch face with just a glimpse. All watch faces display at least one complication; some can display up to four complications. Here are some of the most amazing Apple Watch complications users should take advantage of.

The Best complications for Infograph watch face

Tips: Now, Apple Watch users can directly download and install Complications to apple watch’s app store. Press Digital Crown button to move your apple watch home screen > open App store > Find and Download app directly to your apple watch. or Download the below app on your iPhone, Apple Watch Apps automatically add to your Apple Watch.

1. CARROT Weather


Best Apple Watch Humidity Complication for your Smart wrist. For Example, this is one of the best complications for Apple Watch Series 6.

CARROT Weather is probably the best Apple Watch complication. It is a free app with tons of weather information and a variety of fascinating add-on features. It will also bring in one’s daily dose of humor for a payment of $1.99. Another paid feature keeps one updated on the latest wind conditions based on their location.

2. Fantastical 3


Fantastical 3 is amongst the best all-around calendar apps for the iPhone or iPad. It is easy to use, a neat calendar app that allows users to manage important events. In addition, it comes with unique features such as the ability to use natural language when adding events along with built-in reminders functionality.

3. HeartWatch


HeartWatch is one of the best Apple Watch fitness apps on the market. Users can check their current heart rate and keep track of their maximum and minimum heart rates throughout the day. It monitors a user’s heart even while they are asleep, working out, or resting. The app also includes a color-coding system. For example, if the ring around the complication is red, the user’s heart rate is elevated.

4. iTranslate


Are you traveling to a foreign country? Then, the iTranslate complication for the Apple Watch could be your lifesaver. It automatically detects the local language based on the user’s location and pops up simple, valuable phrases throughout the day. A single tap on the complication will launch the app. Users can tap on the flag or either speak or scribble the phrase they want to translate. The app will deliver the translated phrase. Just a click on the speaker icon, and the watch will speak the translated phrase. Users can select from a wide range of languages, from French to Korean to Afrikaans.

5. Streaks


#1 apple watch to do list complication

Streaks is a to-do list app that keeps track of how many days in a row a user completes each task. This app is great to motivate oneself as once a long streak has been built, one would not like to halt it. The complication shows six dots that turn from orange to grey once a task has been completed. Users can mark a task as complete directly on their watch. They can also start timers for duration-based tasks.

6. Pedometer++


Pedometer++ is a great app to keep track of the number of steps one has taken in a day. It turns one’s iPhone and Apple Watch into a step counter. With just a glance, users can keep track of their daily steps. Pedometer++ lets’ user pick a step goal, and the complication changes in colour depending on how many steps one has taken. It will be red until one is halfway towards their goal, then it will become orange, and once the daily target is achieved, it will turn green.



CITY MAPPER is an invaluable navigation app for users who rely on public transportation to ply about. It provides users point-to-point directions for a range of supported cities, public transport details, and other alerts. The app also provides information about nearby trains, buses, and other public means of transportation. Even information such as schedules of upcoming train stops at any route is shown. Unfortunately, however, it is set up to show just the maps of select few cities, including country capitals. We can only hope that it will show maps of every town and city globally in the future.

8. BatteryPhone


BatteryPhone is a great app to keep a tab on one’s iPhone’s battery level without constantly having to take out one’s phone. Instead, users can check their iPhone’s battery level with just a glance at their wrist. In addition, one can customize the complication to show both the phone’s and watch’s battery levels side by side.

9. Kitchen Stories


Kitchen Stories is a fantastic app that assists users in discovering new recipes every week. The app lets users find a recipe and makes it manageable for them to create a shopping list for easier meal planning. Users can access the shopping list directly from their Apple Watch face. On the iPhone, the app exhibits impressive photos and videos that help users get cooking.

10. Shazam


The Shazam app can recognize music, movies, and television shows, based on a short sample that is played and using the microphone on the device. Its complication also lets users turn on the music within seconds.

11. Things 3

Things 3 is the best reminder and to-do list app across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Its Apple Watch complications make it even better. The large version is most beneficial as it informs users about the next task they need to finish on their “Today” list. Users can tap on it to open the app and mark the task as complete. The minor complication is a bit abstract, and it shows an “activity ring” that indicates how close one is to completing one’s day’s task.

12. Sleep++

A good night’s sleep is vital for one’s overall health. Conversely, insufficient sleep is linked to several health issues. To help keep an eye on one’s sleeping patterns, the Sleep++ app is a godsend. Sleep++ can help one make the most of their sleeping hours by tracking and analysing their bedtime patterns. It is a good shortcut to the app and lets users track their sleep manually.

13. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a mobile audio recorder. With Just Press Record, users can use their watch to record anything. One needs to tap the red circle, which acts as a shortcut, and the Apple Watch will start recording immediately. This is much faster than open the app on the phone. In addition, everything recorded is not just synced to the iPhone app but also transcribed.

14. Sports Alerts

The Sports Alerts app keeps users up to date on whichever sport they’re a fan of. One can get live scores, stats, news, and alerts for almost all the sports starting from football to basketball to F1 racing. The Apple Watch complication will help users keep track of their favourite teams. One can pick a team that will always show on the large or small Apple Watch compilation. In addition, it will help users to know all about their favorite team, from the team’s stats to their latest games and scores.

15. Waterllama

Drinking sufficient water is pertinent to stay healthy. The Waterllama water tracker is a useful app that reminds users to drink enough water. There are various It offers different complication sizes that help users track how much water they’ve consumed throughout the day. It also lets one promptly add every glass they drink to keep themselves hydrated.

16. Motivation

It cannot be easy always to have a positive outlook on life. But, sometimes, a gentle reminder can help one feel motivated and inspired. Motivation is a free-to-use free app that helps if one is feeling dejected and needs a push. On devices like iPhone or iPad, the app offers a Widget to keep the positivity front and centre. On the watch, it features complications that put words of encouragement and motivation right on the watch.

17. Night Sky

Night Sky is a free app for stargazers. The app keeps one up to date about space-related news and happenings. It evens relays information about meteorite showers and other celestial events. Users can also use the app to navigate the night sky. One can tap the complication to open the app and explore the stars from the comfort of one’s wrist.

18. Lifesum

Keeping a record of what one eats can be a complicated task. The Lifesum app can help one keep track of what they’ve consumed by displaying their micronutrients counts such as fats, carbohydrates, protein, and others right on their Apple Watch screen. Next, they need to log what they’ve consumed and drank. The complication also gives a quick overview of these macros and helps remind users to eat a meal when it’s time and keep an eye on their weight.

19. ETA

ETA is the acronym for ‘estimated time of arrival’ and an app that will reach their destination on time. It is compatible with navigational apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and others and provides direction to users to make their destination in time. The ETA complication will indicate one’s estimated time of arrival at a glance.

20. Air Matters

Air Matters is a free app that reveals air quality information based on the user’s current location. It showcases real-time broadcasting air quality information in more than 180 countries and shows the pollen data and weather forecast.

Users can also select specific allergens that trouble them and then have a risk rating readily available on their watch.  

Complications are excellent to interact with the information on one’s Apple watch. Instead of tediously opening every app, users can quickly get important information on their face watch by customizing their Apple Watch face.

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