Guide to fix iPhone blue screen issue: Black or white colors

How to guide to get fix iPhone blue screen issue or you see an iPhone 6s, 6S plus,5S solid color white/ black screen.Follow this ultimate best expert advice

When you’re using your iPhone or iPad and you might notice that photos/ images on the screen don’t look right. Or showing iPhone blue screen or black screen, then you do not need to worry. Because many Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users freak out at their first encounter with iPhone blue screen. Here i try to give you best solution to resolve iPhone blue screen, black screen issue. Let us at first look at what reasons this error to begin with.

  • depleted battery
  • Fall iOS device

Let try following workarounds to troubleshot iPhone blue screen issue. Please go carefully step by step. Don’t try to go with a jump.

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Common solutions to fix iPhone Blue screen of death: iPad, iPod Touch

best Guide to fix iPhone blue screen issue: Black or white colors 6s plus, iPad

Solution 1. Plug in your iPhone to a power source

No matter which iOS device you have a, but you can apply this way for any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Plug in your iPhone to a power source through an adapter.

If you see a low battery warning screen when you plug-in. let your iPhone charge for at least 10 minutes before using it. (If you have an iPad then keep plug in it for 20 minutes)

After this way, you see same screen then you must have follow below advice in sequence.

Solution 2. Force Restart iPhone, iPad or iPod while it’s plugged in

Let force restart your black screen iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch while it’s plugged in.

Solution 3.  Restore your iOS device

If above motioned ways doesn’t work in your case then restore your iOS device, to do that go with this post.

After you restore, if you still get same issue then contact Apple Support; and explain them about your iPhone blue screen issue. If you’re living in the Washington Dc then get Apple Store Address.

Please share you experience concern the troubleshooting for iPhone blue screen. Stay tune up to get more updates for iOS 9, iPad, iPhone 6S 3D Touch feature and much more.

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