iPhone/iPad: Black Point message on WhatsApp crashing, Freeze

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Millions of people have affected this violence on the internet. People are sending the message like “Black Spot message” or “Big Black dot with expanding message option”. This message is consumed more space and out of memory limit set for the Whatsapp. So your WhatsApp will crash or Hang your iPhone for some seconds or all the time.

Here’s the solution on how to fix your freeze iPhone and which types of the message should not open message like this.

Use some best antivirus software for iPhone/iPad for save biggest cyber attack.

Normally this kind of message you will see in group chat for the fun and Wrong inurement about broadcast message directly.

This simple message is also crashing all the Smartphone from any OS (iOS, Android) and Mobile Company.

1 WhatsApp Crashing on black spot message

Black Point message on WhatsApp crashing on iPhone/iPad

Text may be like this:

  • This is very interesting, Laughing emoji and black dot.
  • Read & Forward this message and win the price
  • Don’t open message comes from the unknown person with read more tag. You can reply or read simple Hi & Hello text.

In future, WhatsApp may planning to dispose of these types of the message before you reach. That enhances the WhatsApp users experience and trust.

Some users are leaving WhatsApp and join to other chat services like telegram and Massager.

Are you also suffering this types of activity time to time, share your experience that we can pass out WhatsApp Company from here.

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