iOS 16: How to Enable Display Zoom on iPhone 14 Pro Max 2023

Enable Display Zoom on iPhone

in this blog post, get about, How do I Get my iPhone Screen to Zoom In? To Enable the display zoom feature works with iPhones running the latest iOS. Using this amazing feature, you can automatically enlarge apps icon on your iPhone screen. Pretty useful to grow Apps like message conversations, installed apps on your iPhone, Home screen content, and more. Apple is giving this feature only on the high-resolution iPhone 13 Pro Max line-up, iPhone 12 Pro Max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, XS Max, XR,8(Plus), iPhone 7/ 7 plus/ iPhone 6S/6, iPhone 6/6 Plus, and iPad. For more details, you can prefer this article on Make App Icons on iPhone and iPad and Supported iPhone Models.

If you have an older version, then you unable to touch this feature. Most of my friends always ask how to activate zoom in iOS, make my display significant with zoom features, I mean, use screen  Zoom in iOS.  Then this post will give you the exact answer. So you guy lets go down and follow the instructions.

Note: iPhone X and iPhone XS are Excluded from the Display Zoom Feature.

Update: With iOS 15, Apple has added support for the Display Zoom in all the 5.8-inches iPhone models. It has become an accessibility feature that enlarges the display and other areas of the screen a bit larger than usual. Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, and iPhone XS can now use the Display Zoom feature, (Settings app > Display & Brightness > View > Zoomed).

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Steps to Magnify the iPhone screen with Display Zoom: Smart Way to Enable display zoom in iOS on iPhone

Enable Display Zoom on iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Settings App look like a Gear icon on the iPhone home screen.
Step #2. Find Display & Brightness.
Step #3. Next, Scroll down the screen to tap on View appear under the Display Zoom label.

Tap Display & brightness tap View to display Zoom on iPhone settings

Step #4. Tap on Zoomed and tap on Set.

See Screen for: iPhone display Zoom vs Standard Screen.

tap on Zoomed then Tap on Set to enable Display Zoom on iPhone
Step #5. In the end, you’ll get a popup to use Zoomed. So tap on it to apply the feature.
A Caveat: After applied Display Zoom settings no matter disable or enable, but your iPhone will restart automatically.
tap on Use Zoomed to apply Display Zoom on iPhone
Now tap on the Back button and enjoy great content on the Mail app, Messages as well as bigger App iCons on Home screen.
That’s it! hope, you can see Magnify the iPhone screen with Display Zoom.
Screen Zoom Problem: You can’t get an instant effect or “iPhone Screen Zoomed in Stuck” after a change from Zoomed to standers on iPhone, Hard Restart your iPhone using Side button + Home button iPhone.

Zoomed mode make your contact clearer than the standard screen, in zoomed mode, you can see all the content in the same User interface and iOS design but enlarge content only including, text, app icons, label text, and other useful apps and more.

There are many functions on iPhone won’t work with enabled Display Zoom including can’t show up contact picture in the message, one-handed keyboard mode missing on iPhone cause these all settings to be associated with the screen size, and User interface.

If you are facing a problem such kind of issue then set Standard display settings. For that, you have to disable Display zoom which is mentioned below.

How to Turn Off Display Zoom on iPhone

You Should turn off Zoomed screen if you feel your apps crashing on launch or Stuck and Freeze issues.

Whether you want to smaller text, device icons and screen then you might need to disable the Zoom View. Get below how to turn off Display Zoom.

Step #1. Open the Settings App.
 Step #2. Navigate Display & Brightness.
Step #3. Tap on View appears under the Display Zoom label.

tap on View to apply Standard under Display Zoom on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Standard and tap on Set.
Step #5. Next up, You’ll get a popup to use Standard. Do tap on it to apply the regular screen size.

tap on Set and tap Use Standard UnZoom display on iPhone

Also, you can Change App Icon Size on iPad

No doubt that iPad allows you to make App icon size bigger than usual, but if you want to Keep Today View on Home Screen enabled, then you have to comprise with this feature.

  • Navigate to Settings app > Display & Brightness.
  • Under the Home Screen Layout, select “Bigger”.
    Change App Icon Size on iPad
    Change App Icon Size on iPad

As usual, don’t miss to share your viewpoint on beautiful iOS and above version features. Stay connected with us to know how to activate, or apple zoomed features in your old iOS on iPhone and iPad using iPhone tricks. So like it? Share it!

Do you have any issues like the iPhone screen zoomed in stuck? Don’t worry, comment below we will try to help you? in more, you can also follow the zoom out iPhone screen.

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