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Fix iPhone XS Burn-in issues: Complete Troubleshooting

iphone xs burn in scree issues solved

As we know iPhone XS screen comes with Retina OLED Display to provide enhanced viewing experience. Watching movies and playing games have been gone to another level with this super Retina Display. However, there is only one downside of this, screen burn in problem. There nothing to worry about iPhone XS screen burn-in issues, as

How to Turn On Twitter Lights Out dark Mode on iPhone, iPad

tap on lights option to activate twitter dark mode on iPhone iPad

Twitter iOS app gets a Darker Dark Mode with New ‘Lights Out’ Option. New setting though Twitter users will get rid of from the ugly blue dark mode. From now, twitter dark mode on iOS available without making your device jailbreak. Read this full story to get new Lights Out settings on your already installed

Can I hide my online status on messenger on iPhone?

How do I make myself invisible on Facebook messenger

Want to appear offline in Messenger? Don’t worry it’s super easy and the best way to avoid your friends and family in personal time. Learn how to appear offline in Messenger. In this world of cheaters, frauds and annoying people, it is better to enjoy social sites such as Facebook by appearing offline. However, some

Will iPhone Automatically Change for Daylight Saving Time?

will my iPhone Automatically Change daylight Savings Time

Yes, the answer is for iPhone Automatically change for Daylight Saving Time. Officially this the time now to change date and time as per Daylight Saving Time forward for an hour in March 2019. The Daylight Saving Time begins from 10 March 2019 (2:00 am) and ends on 3 November 2019 (2:00 am). Back to