How to turn on or turn off Predictive text on iOS 9 and iOS 10

The iOS 9 is packed more powerful and small in size compare to later year released iOS 8. Now the time is to learn new tip and tricks of iOS 9, because your iDevice would be upgraded from iOS 8 to iOS 9. Since, now we’re working on iOS 9 to make the most useful tips of iOS 9. With today, here I showing you two ways to do turn on or turn off Predictive text on iOS 9. you can also apply this tip mean turn on – turn off predictive text in iOS 10, too.

There are many iOS apps in them we’re daily use iPhone onscreen Keyboard. Such apps are Messages app, Notes app, Reminder app, Mail app, and much more as well as social media’s favorites Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. So for these kinds of Apps the company has provided ‘’QuickType’’ option called Predictive text. So using Predictive text you can be type a sentence speedily either you on the live chat or to make an Email. Because Enabled Predictive advice you three different words on top side of Keyboard while you’re typing something.

So now, you want to do work with enable Predictive Text or Disable Predictive Text. I don’t know what you like out of two, but I’m serve you all tips about QuickType text on iOS 9. Either those turn on or turn off Predictive text on iOS 9 or hide/unhide Predictive Text. this Post fully support for running all iOS 10 devices and newest iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7.

Know how to turn off Predictive text on iOS 9 – iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7/ 7Plus

Step 1. Tap on Settings app on your iPhone Home screen.

Step 2. Next Up, you will have to find General.

Step 3. Tap on Keyboard.

Step 3. Now turn Off Predictive.

You’re done.

Get steps how to turn on Predictive text on iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

Step 1. Tap on Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2. Navigate General

Step 3. Scroll down the screen and tap on Keyboard

Step 3. Now turn on Predictiveeasy method to How to turn on or turn off Predictive text on iOS 9

That’s it.

Make Predictive Text turn on/ turn off using Shortcut way on iOS 9 – iOS 10

Tap and Hold on Emoji button of iPhone Keyboard, so you get a little screen from there you can be doing Predictive turn on or turn off.Shortcut way to turnoff predictive text on iOS 9, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus

Know from here how to Hide/unhide Predictive text on iOS 9

If you’ve already enabled Predictive text on iPhone keyboard then to do hide that get step at below,

Hide Predictive Text on iOS 9 – iOS 10: – Press your finger on Predictive text strip and swipe down. So QuickType option is become hidden.

Unhide Predictive text on iOS 9 – iOS 10: – Tap on thin bar and swipe up then you can be seeing again predictive text on top side of iPhone keyboard.hidden and Unhide tip Predictive text on iOS 9, iPhone keyboard

Please share your experience about this page of to turn on or turn off Predictive text on iOS 9. Also from now get daily innovative tips and troubleshooting of iOS 9 and iPhone 6S, 6S Plus.


  1. Thanks you guys. This predictive text thing on the ipad is really NOT intuitive. Hey Apple, please stop being like microsloth and hire developers who think when they design these things. Also, Apple, hire software test engineers who give a damn.


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