How to Disable Enable Control Center on lock screen iPhone – iOS 10

In iOS 10, Control Center has tow panes – You almost will be familiar about first pan, even though, second pane has home automation control and music player control. Some of the users believe that the Control Center is not so good for camera privacy purpose to keep enabled on locked screen iOS device iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Even though, techi users most prefers shortcut ways to open up apps – close apps, just about major settings can be access by minimalist  Steps. for beginner I offer here the way to turn on/ disable Control Center on lock screen iPhone in iOS 10.

Pros – To Enable Control Center on Locked Screen iPhone

If you’re using iPhone with Enabled Control center on locked screen, though you can access all flagship functions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do not Disturb, Airplane Mode, Music, AirDrop, Nightshift mode, Calculator, Camera, Flash light, Clock app and now in iOS 10 control Home Automation App, too) on your iPhone with shortcut way. Just swipe up from bottom of the screen and summon Control Center. That’s it.

Cons – A demerit is anybody can use of your iPhone Control Center without asking or taking your permission.

So that, here I will show you how to Disable Control Center on lock Screen iPhone 7 iOS 10 running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

How to Disable Enable Control Center on lock screen iPhone – iOS 10

Disable Enable Control Center on lock screen iPhone iOS 10

Step 1. Head Settings App on your iPhone Home screen.

Step 2. Tap on Control Center.

Control Center screen iOS 10

Step 3. Turn Slider Access on Lock Screen Off.

Way to turn off Control Center on lock screen in iOS 10 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

That’s it.

Now Control Center happened close on lock screen iPhone.

To Turn On/ Enable Control Center on Lock Screen iOS 10 running iPhone

Go to Settings – Tap Control Center – Turn Slider Access on Lock Screen ON.

You’re done.

In addition, on Control Center settings screen, you can also see Access within Apps option that does work to turn on and turn off Control Center while you’re uses iPhone mean stop control center unlocked screen iPhone, iPad or iPod.


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