How to download iOS 12.4/iOS 12 Without WiFi, With Cellular Data on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Here’s the Basic guide on how to download iOS 12 without WiFi or Using Cellular Data/Mobile Data on my iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on WiFi or cellular data plan and iTunes. Find tricks to update iOS 12 using Mobile Data.

iOS 12 download won’t start on Mobile data or Cellular Data plan, Apple restricted iOS download file over the air only with WiFi connection. Apple doesn’t allow downloading new iOS update while Mobile Data is turned on. But here’s the trick that works for you.


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A helpful solution for the Q&A: Start ‘Download iOS 12 Without WiFi and iTunes’, ‘Download iOS 12 With Cellular Data‘ or ‘Download iOS 12 Using Mobile Data‘. Learn Exact tricks to ‘iOS 12 iPhone Software Update download‘.

Basically, we have two alternate ways that helpful for all iOS device users.

  • Using WiFi or Cellular/ Mobile Data – Over The Air
  • Using iTunes

Find the Ways to Download iOS 12 and Install on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

guide for Download and install iOS 12 on WiFi or Mobile Data on Using iTunes

Quick and Short Tricks to Download iOS 12 over the air

Connect iTunes and get update our iOS device is such a lengthy task. That most of the iPhone users are ignoring at first. If he/ she unable to get an update or download iOS then software Update on iTunes is necessary.

Have you no WiFi? Mobile data is an option to use update iOS. Find the other device (Smartphone mobile or iPhone), Turn on Personal Hotspot and create your personal WiFi network for update iOS on other devices.

To turn on Personal Hotspot on iOS: Settings > Personal Hotspot > Enable Personal Hotspot. For Android mobile, Turn on Personal Hotspot on Android settings.

Find the Hotspot connection on Primary Device under WiFi option.

Find Hotspot name and Tap on it to connect.

Check available iOS 12 update, Start Download and install.

Now you are on WiFi or Personal Hotspot WiFi, Go to Settings > General > Software Update (Check for update)

Be patient while downloading in progress because it will take time for download GBs data and install after that automatically (Once you allow start installing).

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Software Update iOS 12 using iTunes


  • Updated Version of iTunes on your Mac or PC, Fast Internet connection
  • Lightning Cable

1: Connect your iPhone to iTunes via lightning cable.

2: Go to Device icon at the top on iTunes, Next find the Summary option for the device details.

3: Click on Check for Update. The available software will be installed on your device model after downloading on iTunes.

You can install iOS 12 beta before public release on your iPhone, iPad. And it will available after 2 months approximately.

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