Fix iPhone X Message App Freezes and Crashes

iPhone X Message App keeps crashing

On a brand new iPhone X Messages App keeps crashing constantly. It might be happening due to a faulty software update or anything else along with text App. Don’t worry to fix message App crash on iPhone X – We have ideal solutions for example so that you can quickly follow up me and understand immediately.

We know guys, iPhone X message App is #1 useful app compared to other Apps cause text app on iPhone X has the lot of new features including Animoji, Peer-to-peer payment through iMessage, and much more. Let’s look at the step by step guide and fix your iPhone X Messages issue and start again to send and receive a text to your contacts and buddies.

How Fix iPhone X Message App Crashes

1 Messages app keeps crashing on iPhone in iOS 11

If you have downloaded the buggy software update and Apps keeps crashing randomly then first, you should force close an app and open it up again.

In case, a force quite app trick won’t work, then try the second way that you can learn below.

Restart your iPhone X

To restart iPhone X, press and hold on the Side button until you appear Power Off slider then turn the Power Off slider. You can also restart your iPhone X without using side button – Get here How to Restart iPhone X without Side button.

Sometimes, soft restart doesn’t work at that time a hard reboot is an exclusive tip to fix iPhone X Message App keeps crashing. Here’s how to Force restart iPhone X.

After Software update on your iPhone 10 – Text message App unable to send and receive the message then please check for a Software update, if Software version is updated. You can send Message Using Siri to any Sender, Send Pictures/ Videos using Photos App, etc.

To Send Picture/ Video using Photos App on iPhone X

Step #1. Launch Photos App.

Step #2. Find Picture or Video that you want to send someone else.

Step #3. Tap on the square with upward arrow icon appears lower-left on the screen.

Step #4. Now tap on Message app icon and enter a contact name on the above text bar in message app and the end touch on the Send button.

Get More here- Fix App Crashing on iOS 11.1 or later

Do you have any other ideas regarding the topic, please don’t miss to share in the comments.

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