How do I Navigate my System Preferences without a Mouse? Using Keyboard

Last Updated on Nov 2, 2022

For the folks who spend half of the time on Mac, you must know several keyboard shortcuts to get hands-on programs without using Mouse or Trackpad. Our fingers are always on the keyboard, and it isn’t very reassuring to take the hands off the keyboard and move to the mouse to open any application or function. Since it’s a Mac, most of the functions and settings are available in the System Preferences inside the Apple Menu. Whether it’s a Network Settings, Wi-Fi, Apple Accounts, Keyboard Shortcuts, etc., are available in the System Preferences.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you efficient ways to master the Mac without using the Mouse; though the keyboard shortcuts might be hard to remember in the beginning with practice, you’ll learn with time.

How do I navigate my System Settings without a mouse?

First, you have to manually enable Tab Key Switching from Keyboard Preferences settings using the below steps.

Method 1: Change Settings from System Settings/Preferences

The keyboard can also be used as a mouse, it won’t be easy initially, but after some time, you’ll gain good speed to interact with the applications and items stored in the Mac. You can use Tab and Arrows keys to navigate between items and press the Space bar to select it by this setting.

Navigate to System Settings in macOS Ventura

MacOS Users can use the Keyboard Tab key to move between control by default. or use the Up & Down arrow from Keyboard. and Activate Option (Toggle, Button, or Checkbox) using the Space bar.


If the keyboard key is not working then make sure, your mac is running on the latest version of macOS. Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > General > Software Update.

Force quit System settings (Command + Q) and Try again.

Restart your Mac and try again. also works in many cases.

Navigate to System Preferences In MacOS Monterey & Earlier

  1. Click on the Apple menu. Choose System Preferences.
  2. Select Keyboard. Select the Shortcuts tab.keyboard-settings-on-mac-system-preferences
  3. Enable Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls option.move-focus-between-control-in-system-preferences-on-mac-using-keyboard
  4. That’s it.

Once you’ve turned on these settings, use the Tab key to focus move forward and Shift+Tab to move focus backward; that’s how you navigate in Mac without using Mouse.


Spotlight Search works across the system to locate any application or items stored in the system without changing settings. Just press the Command+Space Bar to launch Spotlight Search, and there enter the search string to open any item. You don’t need to memorize any shortcuts, but simply pressing the Command+Space Bar will open the Spotlight Search and search System preferences.

Method 3: Keyboard Shortcut

Option + F2” > “Command + L” to open System Preferences Home. Now, Use the Tab key to Focus between control. and Shift + Tab for move Back.

  • (Option + F2) to Open System Settings or System Preferences
  • (Option + F3) to Open Appearance Settings in System Settings
  • (Option + F10) to Open Sound Settings in System Settings.

Also Get, Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Another keyboard shortcut to open System Preferences without Mouse is pressing the Option+F2 button, opening the Display window, and then pressuring the Command+L to return to the System Preferences. Ultimately, with the help of two keyboard shortcuts, ALT+F2 and Command+L, you’ll be able to launch the System Preferences.

Here’s all about new ways to manage or access system preferences on Mac using Only a keyboard.

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