How to Take a Long Exposure on iPhone XR,11 Pro Max,XS Max,X,8,7,6S,SE

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Apple has introduced Live Photos since iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus series launched. Since the beginning, I am a big fan of Live Photos. You all know the person the moving object image is to be a small video and it saves along with the sound. So far, Live Photo is not much practical. But it looks like the edition iOS 11 is the game-changer for live pictures. Because the user can edit Live Photos and able to use advanced effects called Loop, Bounce, and especially attractive ‘Long Exposure in the latest iOS.

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You don’t need to download a third-party long exposure app like Long exposure calculator or slow shutter speed camera Apps. You can shoot a long exposure picture with your iPhone. The Snapchat and Instagram users might be familiar with Live Photos, but you probably don’t know how to take a long exposure picture in iOS. So you guys for all long exposure photography lovers I will show you the entire process.

Your iOS 11 running iPad and iPhone photos app is providing you long exposure effect. It is technology usually only available on DSLR and expensive high-end cameras. There are lots of travel buffs I have seen on Instagram who post their holiday beautiful Long Exposure photography like for public insta users.

Useful for all live Photos compatible latest iOS devices including 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, iPhone 7, 7Plus, 6S Plus and iPad Pro.

NoteUnluckily, yet this feature won’t make compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S and remain all models.

Guide to Take a Long Exposure Photo with an iPhone without using DSLR Camera

How to take a Long Exposure Shot on iPhone iOS 11

  • Step #1. Launch the Camera the Camera App on iPhone iOS
    • You can open the iPhone camera from the lock screen (Swipe to the left), Home screen camera icon, and use 3D touch quick action options (Force touch on the Camera app icon).
  • Step #2. Now turn On Live Photos (tap the three concentric circles at the top the screen to enable Live Photos). If you have already turned on, then it looks yellow instead of white.

turn on Live Photos and click on shutter to take Live Photos on iPhone iOS 11

  • Step #3. Now, set the focus of your camera lens to shoot moving Objects with still background and tap shutter button.

Note: suggestion for the better result – you should use a tripod or place your phone on the regular place where no shaking your iPhone. Reason bouncing shot will not give you a good quality long exposure effect.

Here I highly suggest you captured shot that moving the object for long exposure effect because you can be feeling long exposure better.

You’re done!

You might be facing Long Exposure settings missing. But no guy, go with the following guide to convert Live Photos into a Long Exposure Snap. Furthermore, you can take a long exposure shot at daylight and night by turning on the iPhone flashlight.

  • Step #1. Open up the Photos App or tap on the photo icon at the bottom of the camera app.

Open the Photos App on iPhone

  • Step #2. Find Live Photos and open your recently shot moving pose. Here the new live photos effects are not available directly to go to the next step.

Swipe up to get Live Photo effects loop, bounce, long exposure on iPhone

  • Step #3. Next, Swipe up a live picture to get new available new three results called Loop, Bounce and Swipe left to the end to see the Long Exposure effect.

Swipe up to the left side to see long exposure effect on iPhone

You may notice the spinning wheel after a couple of seconds your iPhone will auto adjust the fantastic Long Exposure snap.

So enjoy, take a Long Exposure shot with iPhone running iOS 11 or later and set it as stunning Wallpaper on the Lock screen.

I have shoot long exposure photos on my iPhone 11 pro midnight green Phone at my village. The lack of water was moving, and the buffalos were still. You can see differences between live Photos and Long Exposure photos in the given picture.

How to turn or convert live photos into Long Exposure on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11

Useful Troubleshooting – If You’re getting an error live Photo effects not working and unable to apply effects then follow given tips.

You can share in iCloud Photo sharing, iMessage, attach in Mail, and add to notes, Whatsapp, publish on Facebook, share on Instagram, add to your Pinterest list, or whatever you would like to share your photography.

Awesome and accessible to creating reveres cinematograph, but it seems though deals with shaky hands.

How to revert Long Exposure Snap into Live Photos or Loop or Bounce effect?

To change effect in a long exposure shot, you will have to open that picture and swipe up above to get other effects and choose a mode and wait for a while.

UsefulLive Photos effects not working

Let’s shot blurry movement photo and enjoy this DIY long exposure feature with supported your high-resolution megapixel iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus/ iPhone 7/ iPhone 6S, or iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPad 2017 and iPad Pro camera + Photos App. I hope that the iPhone XS and iOS 12’s Live Photos effect could make the user a better Photographer.

Let’s a look at the mentioned below list of the best places and moments to use long exposure photos with Apple iPhone.

The latest iOS Camera Long Exposure photography idea will help you to use brand new Motion Exposure feature more perfect

  1. Waterfalls – Highly recommended – running water senses motion and froze ghostly blur
  2. Dance bar – Shoot Dancer’s wearing that will capture with incredible iconic movement.
  3. Prolonged exposure in Forest – fallen leaves
  4. Fireworks Sparkler and night sky stars Long Exposure – it makes bright streaks across the heavens.
  5. Car headlights in traffic – it turns into a ribbon of colors
  6. Ferris Wheels– Nighttime colorful lighting big wheel you can capture as a Long exposure in-focus background and foreground.

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Advice: whenever you are on holiday tour at that moment, please don’t take the risk to shoot dangers photography or sightseen because it could hit the photo catcher danger injury or sometimes happen death.

Enjoy new fanatic Photoshoot on your iPhone and share the best shot in the comments!

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