How to Force Close Apps on iPhone X: Quite Running App on Activate App Switcher

1 Force Close app on iPhone X
Force Close app on iPhone

Let see how to force close apps, running on iPhone X from multitasking screen or App Switcher. To close or remove app the open in the background from iPhone X process that is quickly using Gesture without any button (Earlier we are using Home button or Assistive touch). That might be killing your battery when not open on screen or not using. So Prevention methods are to stop this is Stop Background app refresh or Use Low power mode.

Assistive touch still the most likely way to access multitasking or app switcher screen.

Steps to Force Close Running apps on iPhone X

1 Force Close app on iPhone X

1. Go to your iPhone X home screen and Tap on the horizontal line at bottom edge of the screen and Slide up finger on the screen.

2. Now, lift up the finger at the center of the screen or until you see all the app cards appear. [Quickly slide up to top will remove app from screen but run in background and access home screen app]

3. Now, Tap and Hold on the app from the app switcher. You will see Minus red button (-) on top of all app screen.

4. Now, Swipe up finger to close the app completely, See the below image

Using Assistive Touch

Here’s on iPhone X former way also work to activate app switcher on iPhone X. Triple click on the home button or Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > Turn on.

Also, See the Customize Top level menu for add and use “App Switcher shortcut at a glance”.

App Switcher not Working or Activating

Some users are getting freeze iPhone screen activating App switcher on iPhone X.

Force close or Hard Reboot your iPhone X to re-fix the issue in the most case.

Note: if you surprising some app functionality doesn’t work then connect app developer from the app store or Check for app update on the app store.

Read more tips: Force close app on iPhone 8/8 Plus [iOS 11].

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