How to Fix Images Not Showing Up in Safari on Mac (Sonoma)

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In this article, I’ll explain to you that why Are Images Not Showing Up in Safari on My Mac? Safaris is one of the trusted Browsers for Mac users who are using it for safe browsing, online payment, Apple Pay support, and more anytime. But some users are concerned with the image that is not loading or showing on a webpage for any reason that we examine here and try to help fix according to your problems. Cooldown, the problem is not big, but you can carefully fix the issues for the image on the safari webpage if you follow this tutorial and find out the problems after understanding what you need to do? The exact problem persists on iPhone Safari not showing image guide is here.

The Mentioned workaround is tested for Mac OS X, macOS Sonoma, macOS Ventura, macOS Big Sur, Mojave, EI Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite, High Sierra, macOS Catalina, or Earlier running on iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro/ Air.

Examine:- (Internet, Website issues, Tech error, Mac Problems, etc.)

You must check this website ( or before you follow the procedure for the image loading problem. Sometimes some DNS propagation errors can conflict with your local internet service provider. So you cannot fetch some JavaScript file or image file that runs mostly on CDN (Content Delivery Networks) nowadays.

13 Troubleshooting steps for Safari not showing images on a webpage

Step 1: Open Safari on your Mac, Go to Safari Manu > Settings at the top left in the Menu bar. [in macOS Monterey & Earlier, Find the System Preferences]

Open Safari Settings on Mac
Open Safari Settings on Mac

Step 2: Now click on the Advanced tab at last in the settings popup. Find out the last option is such a Show feature for web developers.

Enable Develop Menu On Mac
Enable Develop Menu On Mac

Step 3: Once you enable development in Safari, you can check out the New Developer menu settings. See the picture below.

Here are the settings related to the image problem,

Step 4: Uncheck the “Disable Images” Option. also, Check the Below Settings. Get the reasons explained below.

  • Empty Caches: it is necessary to clear out some fluctuation and software problems, click on this to clear all the Caches saved for the Safari web browsing experience.
  • Important, Disable images and disable styles and disable JavaScript: These three options should not be selected or clicked. If it’s clicked and turned on, that means you can’t find the image on the webpage, and layout of the web design.
Uncheck Disable Images on Safari MacBook Mac
Uncheck Disable Images on Safari MacBook Mac

Step 5: Manually Remove cookies and other data from Safari Browser

  1. Open the Safari on Mac, net click on the Settings/Preferences.
  2. Now you will see the privacy tab on the Safari option popup.
  3. Click on the Manage Website Data button that helps to clear out hundreds and thousands of website data like cookies and more.
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Open Website Data to Remove selected & all
Open Website Data to Remove selected & all
  1. Select the domain (Multiple by Command + Click) > Remove or Click Remove All to clear all Website data.
Delete Selected Website Data on Mac Safari
Delete Selected Website Data on Mac Safari

Step 6: Delete all Website data at once from your Mac folder


To Remove all Safari Cache forcefully,

  1. Open Finder on Mac. On the finder menu, go to the go > go to Folder.
  2. Now paste the below path to quickly open the Safari cache folder.


or [Remove tilt given in below command, Tested on Latest macOS Version]


Clear all Safari Data using Command folder
  1. Now tap on the go button; here, you will see too many files and folders get you soon to move into the trash. Select all and right-click on the trash option.
List of Cache folder for Safari
  1. This factory setting option is to clear out Safari data (Permanent data for a limited time).

Once you perform this step, restart your machine to get fresh results to let you done.

Step 7: update Safari browser to the latest version if not up to date

We can not Update safari only on the latest macOS, Update your System Operating System on your Mac.

So you should update or download the latest version of Safari on your Mac or PC.

Solution #2. Try In Safari Private Browser

I usually use Private Browsing when I feel troubled with the Image content not loading or Waiting for more time. That often happens with the YouTube website. If you have issued the same as me, try to Search in Private Browsing mode. If you found this helpful, follow the next solution on Remove Third-Party Extension and Use Normal Browser smoothly. Sometimes, Re-installed MacOS is quite helpful given the second sollution of this.

  • Simply Open Safari on Mac just like As usual. Now From Top Mac Menu, File > New Private Window. That’s it. Or Use Command + Shift + N keys from your Mac Keyboard.

Solution #3. Remove Third-Party Extension

Safari Webpage content is not loading or Taking too much time, Incompatibility with the software on Mac really happens, But sometimes controversial conditions might cause the issues on installing Third-Party Extension is not compatible with the latest version of macOS. The wise solution is to remove all unused Safari Browser extensions from your Mac using the Below steps Or Re-Install only very useful extensions with Test.

  • Open Safari Browser on Mac. Next, from the top Mac menu, Click on Safari.
  • Next, click on Settings… [System Preferences option on MacOS Monterey & Earlier Update].
Uninstall Safari Extension on Mac
Uninstall Safari Extension on Mac

Click on Extension Tab, Select installed Third-party extension from the sidebar. And Click on the Uninstall option.

That’s it.

Solution #4. Re-Install Latest MacOS Automatically

Software Bug or Outdated macOS installed on your Mac. The first check for any pending update is available for your Mac. if yes, Then

On MacOS Settings app,

  1. Head to the Apple Logo From the top Mac Menu
  2. Click System Preferences [After Upgrade to Ventura, Apple Logo > System Settings > General > Software Update.]
  3. Choose Software Update. Wait till the screen fully loads, [Download and install the latest software Update]. if you are getting errors on updated Software, Follow this recovery method,
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macOS Update Now on Mac
macOS Update Now on Mac

For M1, M2 Mac: Shutdown your Mac, and Wait for 20 seconds, Now, Press and Hold on the Power button until you see the Startup volume and Options on the screen. Click on Options > and See Re-install macOS in the MacOS Recovery screen.

For Intel Mac: Restart your Mac, and Press and Hold the Command + R key from your Keyboard after you hear the startup sound on Mac. Continuously press until you see MacOS utility windows on the Mac screen and Select Re-install macOS Option. In-Between you’re Mac, ask to select the disk from where you want to install or update macOS only. [Resinstallation process fixes the bud that is related to software. This is not removed data from Mac. Still, you can take a backup of your Mac before starting the update].

That’s it.

Solution #5. Remove VPN From MacBook Mac

If you are using VPN, then Follow these steps, Otherwise, Skip these steps and jump to the next Solution. VPN Remove your Mac System’s Security vulnerabilities, Follow the Below steps to Disable VPN or Uninstall VPN from your MacOS. And Try Geniuen WiFi connection.

Step 1: Click on Apple Logo () From Top Mac Menu > Settings/System Preferences.

Step 2: Next, Click on Network > Select VPN from the Side panel.

Open Network in System Settings on Mac
Open Network in System Settings on Mac

Step 3: Now, Click on the (i) sign to Remove the VPN profile from your Mac.

Get more info for Installed VPN on Mac
Get more info for Installed VPN on Mac

Step 4: Click on ‘Remove Configuration…’ > Remove.

Remove VPN Configurations on Mac
Remove VPN Configurations on Mac

That’s it.

Are you not satisfied with the already installed VPN on your Mac? Let’s Look here for a list of VPNs for Mac

Solution #6. Change WiFi DNS: OpenDNS or Google DNS

Some Mac Users Reported that Imgur, Reddit image won’t load with the Default private network, Because of Security reasons Some Websites blocking the connectivity and Won’t load the image on Safari Browser. Follow the Below steps to Change Default WiFi DNS and Set it to OpenDNS or Google DNS.

Step 1: Click on Apple Logo () From Top Mac Menu > Settings/System Preferences.


Step 2: Next, Select WiFi > Click on the Details/Advanced button at the bottom right corner of the window.

Select WiFi Details on Mac
Select WiFi Details on Mac

Step 3: Click on DNS Tab and Enter New Custom DNS By tap on the “+” icon. Add These two DNS ( (&) in a Separate line like in the below image, Click on Ok to save.

Add Public DNS on Mac for WiFi
Add Public DNS on Mac for WiFi

Restart your Mac and Check again in Safari. That’s it.

Solution #7. Browser is Not Supported

Some Websites are not compatible with all browsers, Mostly Banking and Government website won’t load too fast or Broken. So you can check the user guide given on the Website or Try Different browsers for Mac like Google Chrome. Most Popular Browser, Mostly Developer Prefer to use and compatible easily. So, You can download Google Chrome from the Google website.

Solution #8. Switch or Change Internet Connection: Change WiFi or use Your Mobile Hotspot connection

Is there a problem with Publick wifi, Companies are blocking an un-secure file so I recommend using your Private home or Office network to open such a file. If you are feasible with other Connections then use your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot and use your Mobile internet on your MacBook Mac. here’s How to Setup Mobile Hotspot on a MacBook mac.

Formal Settings for Safari Mac are removed officially on the latest macOS Version: “Display images when the page opens on mac safari“. So, now we can use it in different ways. Temporary Remove All Website Cookie and Website Data. Follow the simple steps on your Mac Safari Preferences settings.

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macOS Sonoma & Later

Step 1: From the top Safari menu, Safari > Settings.
Step 2: Select Advanced Tab > Uncheck “Block all cookies“. That’s it.

Block all cookies in Safari Mac
Block all cookies in Safari Mac

macOS Monterey & Earlier

  1. Open Safari on Mac. From top Mac Menu > Preferences.
  2. Click on Privacy Tab.
Remove Website Data and Cookie from Safari Mac
Remove Website Data and Cookie from Safari Mac

Under the Privacy Select the Checkbox for “Block All Cookies” and Select Block All from the Verification popup.

Clear all Website Data from Safari by Block all Option
Clear all Website Data from Safari by Block all Option

Next in this process, you mac remove all Website Data and Cookie at once. Note: You may be logged out of the account of any website if it’s open. That means restore new as of you visit a new website after that.

I hope your problem is fixed. Uncheck this checkbox. For batter performance, because some websites required this open disabled.

That’s it.

Solution #10. Check for Parental Controls

The user account with Parental Control can restrict some websites and their content including images and videos. Make sure the user account on Mac that you are using isn’t under Parental Control. On the other side, if you are working for some company and using their software, then you might be not allowed to visit random sites to secure the privacy of your company and laptop, don’t miss this point.

Solution #11. Restart Mac in Safe Mode

One of the best solutions to tackle random glitches is to reboot the Mac in Safe mode. On restarting the Mac in Safe Mode, certain features are blocked by the system itself such as login items, system extensions, and more that you don’t need to run the basics on the Mac.

  • On Intel Mac: Shut down the Mac and restart it, immediately press the Shift key until the login screen appears. Enter the credentials to log in.
  • On M1, M2 Mac: Shut down your Mac, and Wait for 10 seconds, then Press and Hold on the Power button until your Mac sees the Startup volume and Settings on Screen. Select Startup volume, and then Hold on the Shift Key and Continue in Safe mode.

Solution #12. Use Alternate User Account

One of the users has experienced this issue, later he realized that Safari not loading images on MacOS Big Sur in the particular user account, while Safari is working well on another user account. Switch the user account on the Mac and log in.

Restart the Mac and choose a different user account.

Solution #13. Safari doesn’t load Images from a particular website?

No need to delete the entire web history, if you are experiencing issues with only one website. Safari lets you delete the cache and data of a particular website. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Launch the Safari
  2. Open the Preferences.
  3. Select the Privacy
  4. Click on Manage Website Data…
  5. Now Find the specific website which does not load images on Safari. For Example, Facebook dot com, twitter, pinterest, juxtapost, We Heart It, Dribbble etc.
  6. So click on the website like facebook dot com and click on Remove
  7. in last, choose Done button to save the changes. That’s it.

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