Safari Not Loading images on Mac/MacBook: MacOS Mojave, EI Capitan & Earlier

safari on mac not showing image

Safaris one of the trusted Browser for the Mac users who are using for safe browsing, online payment, Apple pay support and more anytime. But some users are concerned with the image are not loading or showing on a webpage for any reason that we examine here and try to help fix according to your problems. Cool down the problem is not big, but you can carefully fix the issues for the image on safari webpage if you follow this tutorial and find out the problems after understanding what you need to do?. exact problem persists on iPhone Safari not showing image guide is here.

Below post work for Mac OS X, Mac OS Mojave, EI Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite, High Sierra, macOS Catalina or Earlier running on iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro/ Air.

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Examine:- (Internet, Website issues, Tech error, Mac Problems etc.)

You must check this website ( or before you follow the procedure for image loading problem. Sometimes some DNS propagation error can conflict with your local internet service provider. So you are unable to fetch some JavaScript file or image file that run mostly on CDN (Content Delivery networks) in nowadays.

safari on mac not showing image

Troubleshooting steps for Safari not showing images on webpage or Safari web browser

Step 1: open Safari on your mac, go to the preferences at top Safari Manu.

Safari Preferences on Mac

Now click on the advanced tab at last in settings popup. Find out last option is so development mode in the menu bar.

enable Develop option on safari menu on Mac

Once you enable development in safari you can check out the custom development settings, see the picture below.

Safari Developer mode on Mac

Here is the settings for related to image problem,

  • Empty Caches: it is necessary to clear out some fluctuation and software problems, click on this to clear all the Caches that saved for Safari web browsing experience.
  • Disable images and disable styles and disable JavaScript: This three options should not be selected or clicked. If it’s clicked and turn on that means you can’t find the image on the webpage, and layout of the web design.

Step 2: Manually remove cookies and other data from Safari Browser

Open the Safari on Mac, net click on the preferences.

Now you will see the privacy tab on the Safari option popup.

Find out the Manage Website Data button that helps to clear out hundreds and thousands of website data like cookies and more.

clear safari cache and data on Mac

Click on the Manage Data button > and go with the remove all option.

clear safari cache on Mac

Step 3: remove safari cache data from your Mac folder

Open finder in Mac. On finder menu, go to the go> go to Folder.

Now paste below path to quickly open the Safari cache folder.


Clear all Safari Data using Command folder

Now tap on the go button, here you will see too many files and folders get you soon move into the trash. Select all and right click to trash option.

List of Cache folder for Safari

This is a factory setting option to clear out Safari data (Permanent data for a limited time).

Once you perform this step, restart your machine to get fresh result let you done.

Step 4: update Safari browser to the latest version if not up to date

Some outdated OS and browser might be not compatible with the present Technology. so you should update or download the latest version of Safari on your Mac or PC.

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