Fix iOS 16 Stuck on Verifying Update Error on Any iPhone in 2022

Last Updated on Oct 7, 2022

The post covers how to fix iOS 16 Stuck on Verifying Update on iPhone, iPad. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to resolve it. On User Demand, Apple iPhone and iPad is always ready to install New Software update in Free for the compatible model of a Software update that is pending and available.

So, iOS/iPad Users are frustrated with the on-screen error message that has to face during installation and update requests. Here’s the solution for your iPhone is stuck on a Verifying update for iOS 16. This solution is also helpful to iOS 15 and Previous iOS updates.

Apple offers two methods to update its iOS device either using iTunes or by OTA (Over-The-Air). Update Requested screen came on iPhone screen for OTA update. So in this process, your iPhone/iPad will download the latest software update on your iOS device if enough storage is available.

So iPhone/iPad sends the update request to Apple Server and the download starts soon. But sometimes are you stuck. So, read this article about what will happen in most of the cases and know how to resolve it?

The spinning pop-up indicator says iDevice unable to install stuck on Verifying Update. If you’re getting screen freezes with the same problem, don’t worry. In this walkthrough, (iPhone 13 (Pro max) Mini, iPhone 12 Pro max, iPhone 12 Mini, 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus, iPad (Air, Mini, Pro), iPod touch 7th gen.

This procedure can take a few minutes or even longer as the Apple Server is connected. Because of when Apple’s new software update debuted and millions of Apple users attempted to download and install their devices at the same time. It is a common issue, and it typically resolves itself in short order.

6 Quick Fixes for iPhone/iPad Stuck on Verifying Update

  1. Your iPhone has Enough free Storage space to Download a new iOS software file from the Apple server. The yearly software update is big, this update consumes 5 to 6 Gigabytes of storage space to download and install. We can check the updated status under the Settings > General > About > Available. Now, Free up storage after remove the large media file, Delete or Offload app. Go to the
    Settings > General > iPhone/iPad Storage > Read the recommendations and done it yourself.
  2. On your Software update request time, Apple Server must be up. unlikely apple server might down or offline after too many strategies set by apple on millions of requests came on new software update release. We can check it on the apple server status page in your region. This page is updated based on the country. Now Wait for the time until the Apple server goes up and normal.
  3. Delete Beta Profile if installed and Delete Downloaded old software from iPhone/iPad Storage. if the Beta file is installed on your iPhone, So you don’t get a new public iOS version. Also, that’s creating a problem with the update requests. To remove the profile, Go to the Settings app > General > Profile > Tap on iOS Profile and Delete.
  4. Now, Go back to Settings > General > iPhone/iPad Storage > Look after the list of all apps installed on your iPhone/iPad. here’s a downloaded iOS file, Tap on it and Delete it.
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Retry to Get a new Software update. hope that your iPhone gets a New Software Update after the Update Requested message.

  • Hard Reboot your iPhone, No Home button iPhone [iPhone 8 or later iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus Users] users can do a hard reboot in this way, Quickly Press and Release volume up button, Now Quickly Press and Release Volume down button, after that Only Press and hold the Side/Power button until iPhone see the apple logo on the screen. After the screen goes black turn on using the side/Power button only. Force Restart iPhone XS max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR when Face id disablediPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and Hold Side/Power button and Volume Down button at once until the iPhone screen sees the apple logo on the screen. iPhone 6S and Earlier: Press and Hold Side/Power button and Home button at once until the Apple logo on the screen. use the Side/power button to turn on.
  • You have your own home reliable WiFi connection only Because some WiFi networks stopped apple server requests. Like most of the company disable the apple server request. To Check WiFi connected to play YouTube video on the Safari browser. Note that Cellular Data will not help to update software updates on the iPhone/iPad. Otherwise, Reset Network settings and Reconnect your WiFi and try again. To Reset WiFi, Go to the Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Remove VPN if installed on your iPhone. Apple Security Vernabilities will stop updating your iOS device through VPN Route. Simply Delete the VPN app or Check Under Settings > Next to Personal Hotspot.
  • a helpful solution is also, update your iPhone using Finder/iTunes on Mac/PC. Follow the next solution for that.
  • Before getting started with the following guide, you make sure that your iOS device must have an active Wi-Fi connection and have enough Available storage space to install an update.

    Get Here – fix iOS 15 Wi-Fi issues Check out Storage Space in iOS 15 – Open up Settings App from the Home screen – Tap General – find and tap iPhone Storage. (if you’ve iOS 10 and earlier go Storage & iCloud Usage)

    Troubleshooting iOS Stuck on Verifying Update: Fix Unable to install iOS unable to verify Update

    iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update iOS 11

    Now you should Go to Settings App – GeneralSoftware Update and tap Install. After trying both workarounds to install update not working for you, then you should install iOS or later use iTunes.

    In more, For those users who have broken or stuck power button devices then you should try to restore and install a new iOS update using iTunes on Mac or Windows.

    Fix #3. Update Your iPhone/iPad Using iTunes/Finder for iOS/iPadOS

    • macOS Catalina or later User can use Finder to Update iOS/iPadOS on iPhone and iPad. Earlier Mac Version and Window user can use iTunes.

    Make sure you have the latest backup on your Mac or computer, then launch iTunes/Finder and connect your iDevice to a computer, click the device button.

    1. Open Finder/iTunes on Mac/PC.
    2. Connect your iPhone to Mac/PC Using the Original Apple Lightning cable. Unlock your iPhone/iPad and Wait for your Device shown on the iTunes window or On Finder Sidebar.
    3. Next, Click on the Device name, and Get the Device Summary page that shows the button for Check for Update. And Install New Update Using iTunes/Finder.
    4. So your Mac/PC first download Software and install itself. So, Don’t close or Disconnect the device from Mac/PC.

    Let’s share your response in the comments, what clue through got solved iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update in iOS.

    Expect from the mentioned way you also share your idea to get rid of new software installing problems iOS Verifying Update stuck.

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