Fix iMessage Screen Effect not Working in iOS 10: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iOS 10 Public has been released with more humorous features and including very special iMessage for incessant talk with stickers, screen effects and many more. Even though, lost of iOS users addressed issue regarding iMessage Screen effect not working in iOS 10. Hence, inherently they thought about there is another glitches with new update. But no man that’s not operating system issue, but that maybe occurs due to on your device system settings under Accessibility.

So, there are many troubleshooting that we have found to fix fireworks and bubble or all available iMessage screen effect doesn’t work even sender side or receiver side. Fort that, You should perform several actions that described below like Reduce Motion, Turned on 3D touch etc.

Please Note: Both sender and receiver must have latest iOS 10 software; otherwise Animation screen effect automatically converted into the text in quotations instead of effect.

Potential Fix iMessage Screen Effect not Working in iOS 10.0.1: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

how to iMessage Screen Effect not Working in iOS 10: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Fix #1. Sign-out iMessage and again Sing-in

Let’s once Sign-out iMessage in iOS 10, then sing-in again, this could be work in your case.

To Sign-out iMessage,

Step 1. Launch Settings App, then Message.

Step 2. Turn iMessage slider off/Gray. After a while, Sign iMessage in again.

How to Sign-out iMessage and again Sing-in iOS 10

That’s it.

Hope, animation effect in iOS 10 Message app would be work while you send and receive screen effect iMessage. Still you faces iMessage screen effect problem, then please keep continues following idea.

Fix #2. For iMessage Screen Effect, Check out after Turn Reduce Motion OFF

You have running iOS 10.0.1 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then verify that the Reduce Motion under Accessibility is disabled. Because, enabled reduce motion does interfere to the iOS device interface including parallax effect of icons and default animation effects.

Step 1. Go to Settings, then General.

Step 2. Tap on Accessibility.

 Accessibility screen in iOS 10

Step 3. Next up, you will have to Turn Reduce Motion Off.

how to Turn Reduce Motion Off on iOS 10, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

That’s it.

Get Enjoy the new screen effect iMessage in iOS 10. You can also learn how to use iMessage Screen effect iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad.

Please share in the comments box, which fix has worked to resolve iMessage Screen Effect not Working in iOS 10. We want to know number of Vote. You also like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter. Furthermore, Stay tuned with us to get more tricks for new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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