Best today widget notification app for Yosemite OS X: Mac

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

OS X Yosemite is the newest version of Mac OS. It was published on 16 October. It contains number of features such as redesign the OS X, widgets, continuance, iMessage integration. Using Today widget notification app for Yosemite you can enlarge declaration center with widgets, improve the messages and mail, document and store the iCloud drive. The new Today widget notification app for Yosemite views the upgrade data from different resources. These apps have Best co-ordination with iOS devices.

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Here’s best Today widget notification app for Yosemite: Mac OS X   

1. 1 PASSWORD (Free)

This app generate exclusive and potent password. 1 Password keep important information such as without remember password you can login your site, you can easily search whatever you need and collect your important documents. In features, 1 Password collects your network password, login details and credit cards detail. This app is type less so you will save much time. It create strong and unique password for every app, site and services.

1 Password - supporting today widget in yosemite

1 Password

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2. PCalc ($9.99)

This is the best app for the simply and fastly Handoff calculation the data. It include horizontal and vertical layout to switch your need. Today widget notification app for Yosemite can transfer units and currency, handoff protected and import the custom array. PCalc operate the different modes such as binary, octal and hexadecimal. It supports apple script, OS X 10.10 Yosemite and retina display.

PCalc support today widget in OS X yosemite

PCalc for OS X yosemite

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3. Wunderlist (Free)

This app is use for the sharing your data and cooperate with other people. It grips location, conception and important list. Using this app you can create all data which we need and access data anywhere. Wunderlist is best to-do list manager for any forum.

Wunderlist Mac OS X yosemite app support today widget

Wunderlist, Support today widget

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4. CloudApp (Free)

This app is best for rapidly share images, documents and links with customer. It is simple to use and easily grasp design interface. Using this app use custom domain and exchange your links. It deletes, re-copy and rename drop directly from the menu bar. CloudApp new version 3.1.0 is unites with dark mode and compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

CloudApp - make your document online from today view in yoesmite

CloudApp, Best today widget app for Mac

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5. Pocket (Free)

Using this app you can simply and easily store data, videos and colum. With pocket you can access your data anytime whenever you need because it store data in one place. It’s advance features such as advise tags, advance search and back up your data.

Pocket - Best app for today widget

Pocket – Best app for today widget

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Toady widget comes in iOS 8 and Yosemite on very big update as well. So no one want miss these awesome features (Manage notification) that’s supported some app for your Mac Yosemite. Here, most popular and amazing Today widget notification app for Yosemite OS X version 10.10 listed above. Don’t miss to share which one you like most!!

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