Fixed Control Center not working on iPhone, iPad: iOS 8, iOS 9

Here best advice to fix Control center not working on iPhone 6, 6 Plus or iPad. There are many iOS 8 users have reporting their issue about notification and control center not working even many tried to pull down or up the screen.

In indeed it’s not a bug of the Apple but keep in mind that, whenever you working on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with enabled Zoom Accessibility. In that case you might not be able to access neither Control Center nor Notification canter. So don’t worried about it, we tried to give you best suggest to fix control center not working on iPhone, iPad. So check out at below outlined steps and instantly checkout.

Before turning off Zoom, once you should have use Zoom feature simply three – finger tapping and making the windowed- magnifying glass appear/ disappear again will make notification or control canter both works properly. Otherwise go for at following steps.

Alternate ways to fix Control Center not working on iPhone, iPad: iOS 8, iOS 9Fixed Control Center not working on iPhone, iPad, iOS 9, iOS 8

Know how to turn off/ disable Zoom on iPhone, iPad

Step 1. Launch Settings app

Step 2. Tap on General

Step 3. Navigate Accessibility then

Step 4. Go to Zoom option and make it turn off

That’s it. Now try to open up Notification Center by swiping from top side screen or try to view Control center by swipe from bottom slider of iPhone Screen. Hope it would be working well.

If you looking same issue as it is then follow given below alternate way. Might it can be giving you success.

You’ve to perform reset all settings of iPhone or iPad and know it from outlined bottom steps:

Go to Settings > Tap on General > Scroll down Screen and tap on Reset > now touch on Reset All Settings

Here may be it’ll ask you Enter Passcode and go next. If you want to do really all settings reset then enter Passcode and go for complete.

That’s it. Once restart iPhone and checkout again what happen. It’s also one solution to getting all good.

Share your feedback concern the way of to fix control center not working on iPhone. Let’s to know us if any other way through you got fix of notification center issue on iPhone, iPad.


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