App Store Not Working on Mac Monterey- How to Fix 2022

Last Updated on Apr 18, 2022

Recently upgraded to the latest macOS Monterey but App Store not responding Mac? Some users say cannot log into the App Store? Does the App store simply show a blank white page screen? Here are some tips to assist you to fix the Apple macOS App store not working issue.

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Almost all Mac users reported a problem that Apple Mac App Store not working. It happens after the Click on the OS X Update button, but this is a kind of bug. We know that without accessing the App Store on the device, we can’t download require apps on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac. So you should follow the Alternate way to avoid it. We serve here Alternate two ways to resolve your issue. Let’s Go beneath and let to know which one becomes helpful for your Problem Apple Mac app store not working.

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Fix cannot connect to App store mac or App store won’t open

Quick Tips,

  • “Could not connect to the server” macOS App Store Error fix or Wait for long with Spinning will or stopped automatically, Check the System Status for Mac App Store. or See More about apple system status in different country wise.
  • Re-launch the Mac App Store, by holding the Shift Key.
  • RESTART MAC: Click Apple icon > Shut Down. Then start the Mac.
  • Turn off VPN if Installed and Enabled.
  • Restart Wi-Fi Modem.
  • Disable/Enable Wi-Fi on your Mac. During App store access, your Mac must be connected with active internet connection. Get Detailed fix on WiFi Not Working on Mac.
  • Check the Date & Time, selected Country and Region, and Time-Zone as per region. Everything should be correct, otherwise, the Mac App Store may not work.
  • Sign Out and Sign In with your Apple ID.
  • Delete the App Store cache folder, Finder > Go > Go to Folder > type ~/Library/Caches, and hit return. Follow the same path and type /Library/Caches instead and delete the cache.

I hope this found helpful to fix App Store Not working on mac.

1. Force Quite – App Store Not Loading Or Blank

App Store not loading or App store blank, Becuase, most probably Mac apps also use cache for the quick response and user experience. That’s the reason your Mac won’t refresh the app or load once it opens on Mac or Keeps opened in Background. So, Mac App Store is stuck or Not responding to your search, or Default apps load on the home screen. I recommend Force quit the app store on Mac.


From the Top Mac menu, App Store > Quit App Store.

That’s it.

2. Safe Mode on Mac

Safe mode on Mac determines the software issue that is caused by installed software on Mac. So Turn on your Mac in safe mode and Check the issue is fixed automatically. Entering your Mac in the safe mode process is different for M1, Intel Mac. First, check and follow the exact way to do Safe mode.

M1 Mac:- Macbook, Mac mini, iMac

  1. Shut Down your Mac and Wait for 20 Seconds.
  2. Now, Press and Hold on Power button [Touch ID Button], Until you see the Startup volume and Options on screen. Click on Startup Volume. Now, Press and Hold on Shift key and Continue with Safe mode option.
  3. In the Next screen, Login your Mac with Login password and Verify the issue is fixed or not.

Intel Mac:- Macbook, Mac mini, iMac

  1. Shut down your Mac and Turn on Mac after 10 seconds.
  2. Quickly Press and Hold COmmand + R Key until your Mac see login screen with Safe mode label.
  3. Login with your Password and Verify the issue is fixed or not.

Safe mode will check and fix the issue itself, so it will take time.

3. Reset Default Keychains…

Your Keychain access prevents access Mac app store. then recommend to Reset default Keychains from Preferences. Follow me steps below, Important! by doing this, Create new empty login and “ICloud” keychains. You will lose all Items currently stored li these keychains. So keep this option as the last solution.

  1. Open Keychain Access on Mac from spotlight search.
  2. Next, Go to keychain access from top Mac menu > Preferences.
  3. Click on Reset Default Keychains.
  4. That’s it.

But it really works depends on your Internal Mac software issue.

Solution 4: Update Mac using Combo Update

Before updating your Mac, kindly check the current version of your macOS. To do so,

  • Click on Apple icon > About This Mac.
  • See the Version Number, it is displayed exactly below the macOS update name. If the Mac is not on the latest version then continue with the steps.
  • There, you will find the Software Update button, try clicking on it.  Also, enable Auto updates.
Update macOS X
Update macOS X

Otherwise, you should update using a browser, using a Combo update.

What is Combo Update?

The combo update is the one that has all the updates and changes of the major version. Besides, you can update the Mac, within the same major update using a combo update.

Most of the users used to update macOS (macOS X) with the help of Combo update, since these combo updates are very helpful to clear up junk and various problems.

Solution 5: Sign Out of Mac App Store

If your Apple ID is facing some issues, then Mac App Store will not work properly on macOS X, at that time the best thing to do is Sign out of the App Store. After that, restart the Mac and then Sign In with the same Apple ID. Here’s how you can do it,

  • Click on the Apple icon > App Store.
  • Now, on the App Store top bar, click on Store and then Sign Out.
Sign Out of App Store
Sign Out of App Store

Solution 6: Clear App Store Cache

is your MacBook Apple App Store Can Not Connect to the Internet. Clearing App Store cache files is a considerable solution to fix Mac App Store not working on mac.

  • Open Finder and click Go.
  • Select Go to the folder.
  • Type ~/Library/Caches/ and click Go.

Find the folders named,


The first one with the name is the main folder. Delete all the files stored in the above-listed folders. Don’t delete the folders, only delete the inside files and then empty the trash entirely.

Solution 7: Delete Incorrect or Invalid Certificates

  • Finder > Go > Go to the folder > type, /var/db/crls/.
  • Delete the following files, ocspcache.db as well as crlcache.db, you may be asked to enter the administrator password.
  • Next, restart the Mac and check if the problem still persists.

Solution 8: Fix Apple App Store Upgrade Problem for Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FCPX

Spinning Wheel when updating Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FCPX, etc

Before start updating or Requesting to Update App on the Mac app store, your Mac will check several things like Your Account details with Pending Re-login verification, Supported Mac and OS Version, Not Enough Free Space on your Mac Drive to save and install New Update.

if you struggling with the Spinning wheel or Automatically stop your Download or Update request. then Force close the App Store and Try again. also check the Internet, Sign out & Sign in to your account on the Mac app store and Check Apple System Status Page – Explained earlier in this article.

If Everything is okay, Then Uninstall the app and Re-Download from the app store.

If there is under maintenance then wait until goes all services are up,

Solution 9: Unable to Download App in macOS Monterey

have you noticed that after an update or On new macOS your App couldn’t download or was Unable to Download App on your Mac from the Mac app store?

I guess that you have Checked and Performed all the troubleshooting related to the Mac App store Explained in this article. Internet connectivity, VPN Disabled, Apple System Status is Okay, Logged in with Apple ID on App store.

That means, your MacOS doesn’t support or Run on mac. then contact the app developer, Given on the App Store app detail.

Solution 10: Switch to Other Account/Create a New User Account

Sometimes the problems lie within the user account that we use. If you have more than one user account on Mac, then switch to another or create a new user account, here’s how to do it.

  1. Click on the Apple logo.
  2. Choose System Preferences.
  3. Go to Users & Groups.
  4. In the bottom, click on the Lock icon and confirm by entering the admin password and username.
  5. Click Add New.
  6. Now read the sections one-by-one and add the new user account on Mac.
  7. Lastly, click Create User.

Solution 11: How To Fix Mac App Store Download Errors and Issues

Some mac users are trying to download Apps that are excluded by apple and it’s not available on the Mac app store. at that point, download the app for your Mac from the official website or Manually update withing the app option. That means Third-Party apps don’t allow to get from the app store and update as well.

Sometimes your App Store is refusing to update the app from the Mac app store because this app was downloaded with another app ID. at that point, Uninstall or Delete the app from your Mac, and Re-download the latest version from the app store.

Also, check Payment details Added to your Apple ID account or Has been not expired. Open App Store on Mac > Click on Profile at the bottom left corner of the screen > View Information > Manage payment.

Check your Mac is connected with active internet. sometimes, stopped internet connectivity while downloading or Updating an app is causing the issue of your Problem.

Solution 12: How to Fix macOS 12 Monterey Update Not Showing on App Store

Apple is Updating the traditional way to update Your System. So the New Software Update that you will receive quarterly or Periodically with New features, Bug fixes, and Improvements.

New MacOS Version Download, Update & Install can do from Software Update Option under the Mac System Preferences.

  • Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install.

Still, Monterey update not showing on Mac Software Update

How to App Store is Helpful for Download MacOS?

App Store only helps to find New Lateset macOS installation file and download on your Mac to make Bootable drive or manually install old macOS dmg file.

Solution 13: App Store icon Bouncing on Dock but won’t open

Several Mac users are reporting the issue with the icon is bouncing but not opening on the Mac screen. Or Showing Open on Screen but does not appear window on the front screen.

Follow the below solutions,

  1. Force Quite app from Dock:- Right Click on iCon from Dock > Quit. and Reopen.
  2. Check For Software Update
  3. Reinstall MacOS:- This Process install a new copy of macOS to your Mac without Data lose. But still you are beginners or Not any Experince then Must keep backup your Mac with Time Machine.
  • Disconnect any VPN or Proxy that you are using on Mac.
  • Uncheck Automatic Proxy from, Network Settings > Network Adapter > Advanced.

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