How to Fix Mac app store not working in OS X Yosemite

Did you have big problem after the upgrade from Mavericks to OS X Yosemite on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac. As a big issue – Mac App store not working completely in OS X Yosemite, Mac App store showing blank pages in Yosemite everything solved guide in this article.

Almost Mac users reported a problem that Apple Mac app Store not working in OS X Yosemite. It’s happen after the Click on OS X Update button, but actually this is a kind of bug. We know that without accessing App store on device we can’t download by require apps on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac. So you should follow Alternate way to avoid it. We serve here Alternate two ways to resolve your issue. Since go beneath and let to know which one become helpful for your Problem Apple Mac app store not working in OS X Yosemite (10.10).

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Best Fix Mac App Store not working in OS X Yosemite [Solved]

Through unresponsive Mac app store – you’ll not download several Good Apps, Utility apps and many more on your own Mac. So you should fix this problem as betimes as possible.

In 1st case –

Problem might happen due to Third party NTFS software on Mac or Connected partitions with versions of Microsoft windows that contains NTFS file system may because this issues. Resolve it through underneath steps:

Step 1. Select Apple menu

Step 2. Choose System Preferences.

Step 3. Select the View menu and Choose Spotlight.

Step 4. Click the Privacy tab then the “+” Sign to add your NTFS system, partitions or connected devices.

If you’re using Boot Camp, then select your BOOTCAMP partition or drive from the sidebar on the left hand side of the folder selection pan, then click Choose, to prevent this problem from occurring.

Some of the third-party NTFS Software’s have their own System preferences that will also allow you to perform the Similar function as using the Privacy tab of the Spotlight preferences, or it will allow you to temporarily disable them.

Once the connected NTFS resource is excluded in the Spotlight preferences, the Mac App Store should remain responsive when you click the Updates icon.

In 2nd Case

You should downgrade your Mac OS until the issue not been go away: learn from below

how to Downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X in Mac: Steps.

You can share with us if you solved your problem apart from above given solution for Apple Mac app store not working in OS X Yosemite.